Kilometers Per Hour To Miles Per Hour

Kilometers Per Hour To Miles Per Hour – As a running coach, treadmill speed charts and speed calculators are tools I use frequently. The truth is, I chose this career path because I am so passionate about exercise physiology. But math? Well that’s not my strongest skill set.

When you can’t do math in your head – that’s when you know you’re trying too hard*.”

Kilometers Per Hour To Miles Per Hour

Even when you don’t push your lactate threshold, it can be difficult to quickly calculate and convert running speed from miles per hour to minutes per mile or kilometers per mile. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite speed calculators and conversion tools in one post for those of you who aren’t into math.

D Render 30 Kilometers Or Miles Per Hour Max Speed Limit Red Sign

The treadmill speed conversion makes my head spin. I wish more treadmill displays showed MPH and min/mile speed at the same time. But hey, runner problem, am I right?

This treadmill speed conversion chart will allow you to convert your speed from miles per hour to kilometers per hour, minutes per mile, minutes per kilometer and back again.

Is the chart above too overwhelming? I understand! Too many numbers on a page drives me crazy too! Below you will find two different treadmill speed charts, one for the Imperial System (miles) and the other for the Metric System (kilometers) that will help you quickly with your running speed conversion needs.

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Need to quickly convert speed from miles per hour to minutes per mile, without the need for metric system conversion? Use this chart below!

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If you prefer to use the metric system and want to convert min per km to km per hour (or the other way around), then this chart is for you:

Click to view full size or to download a free printable PDF version of the Kilometers Per Mile Treadmill Speed ​​Chart

To convert km to miles: To find your distance in miles, multiply your distance in kilometers by 0.62137.

To convert miles to km: Multiply your distance in miles by 1.609344 to get your distance in kilometers.

Solved A Bicyclist In The Tour De France Has A Speed Of 28.0

You may have heard the infamous advice that you should always set the incline of your treadmill to at least 1% to counter the “lack of air resistance” when running on a treadmill compared to outside, and that running at 0% on a treadmill is easier than running at the same speed outside. But is it true?

Researchers at the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom tested the theory, and found that the difference in oxygen prices between running outside and running on a 0% grade on a treadmill is greater at speeds of more than 8 mph (7:30 / mile), and can lead to differences in overall effort and heart rate (source). So yes, adding 1% incline can help better mimic running outside at some speeds.

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I’ve reproduced this chart a few dozen times, referencing both Macmillan Running, as well as data from studies from the late 1990s to early 2000s reproduced on You

Finally, I could not find a good source or formula that was used to generate these numbers. So know that the speeds listed below are only approximate and represent an effort, they are not guaranteed to run at the same speed on a flat road.

Treadmill Pace Chart: Treadmill Conversions For Mph, Kph, Incline, & More

Click to view full size or to download the free printable PDF version of the Carpet Adjuster for Incline.

You need to do some crazy runner math that these charts don’t help with? I understand. These are free online calculators that I use not only for treadmill math, but also for general running speed and estimated time to finish.

Active Pace Calculator: This has been a favorite of mine over the years, when the pace calculator was owned by CoolRunning. I like to use this special speed calculator to figure out how fast I need to run 100 miles to beat the time limit (kidding/no kidding)

RunBundle: I have no idea who runs this site, or if it has been updated in the last 5+ years. But speed/running speed converter calculators are very easy to use, and it gives you a lot of information at once.

Question Video: Converting From Miles Per Hour To Kilometers Per Hour

Looking for a type of run or distance conversion chart that isn’t listed here? Tell me, I’ll help you find it!

Heather Hart is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), UESC Certified Ultrarunning Coach, RRCA Certified Running Coach, co-founder of Hart Strength & Endurance Coaching and creator of this site, Relentless Forward Commission. She is a mother of two teenage boys, and has been running distances from 5K to 100+ miles for over a decade. Heather has been writing and inspiring others to find a love for fitness and movement since 2009.

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