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Discover our exotic Japanese cuisine in the center of Albany. We’ve been offering great chili for years, and our customers keep coming back. Discover our craft specialties and you will come back. This is Hana Japanese Steakhouse at (518) 452-4262. We will wait.

Hana Steakhouse

Guilderland, NY (3 km), Slingerlands, NY (3 km), Colonie, NY (3 km), Delmar, NY (4 km), Glenmont, NY (6 km), Menands, NY (7 km), Watervliet, NY (5 miles), Rensselaer, NY (5 miles), East Greenbush, 5 miles, Niskayuna, NY (5 miles), Altamont, NY (9 miles), Cohoes, NY (6 miles)

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It has a menu of 294 restaurants in Albany, New York. Do you want a specific kitchen? Check out our Italian, Asian or Mexican top lists in Albany. Dietary requirements? We feature all vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian options. Browse things like pizza 🍕, steak, pasta, soup 🥣 and more. Do you just need a kids menu or a drinks menu? Categorize our menu to make it easier to explore.

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Hana Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar has digitized its menu. Hana Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar menu may have changed since the last user update. does not guarantee the price or availability of menu items. Customers are free to download these images, but may not use these digital files (watermarked with logos) for any commercial purposes on . At Hana Japanese Steakhouse on Cape Coral, the sleek flavors of Japan come from Hancock. Bridge Lane Mall.

I stopped at Hana’s for an early lunch. I hurriedly chose a steak and immediately regretted my decision after saying those words.

Hana Steak & Sushi Menu In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Usa

Chunks of beef spilled from the plate next to the fried rice and crunchy vegetables tinged with soy. I lowered my fork, waiting for the regular rubber. Instead, it was cut like butter, pink inside, juicy, perfect. Price: $9.95.

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This spacious and elegant Japanese steakhouse opened earlier this year in a newly built mall on the corner of Hancock Bridge Parkway and Santa Barbara Boulevard in Cape Coral.

A circle filled with cherry blossoms adorns the front panel. They look like O, as if her name really is Ohana, but they’re there to be beautiful. Google Ohana Japanese Steakhouse and you will be directed to the store in Springfield, Missouri – nothing to do.

Dark wood and rectangles of sheer granite tiles greet you at the entrance. Your meal choices are presented at the host’s stand. Right: traditional dining room with smiling servers. Straight ahead: the sushi bar, where slices of saury are brightened by fresh jalapeño rings, and where most American-style rolls are held together to strong effect. Left: a room full of hibachi grills where chefs in top hats toss eggs and ignite onion ring volcanoes.

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I don’t like sharing a table with strangers, or living awkwardly with your cook/server/entertainer at night. The portions are always too small for the price and the food is rarely worth it.

So when the hostess informed the group that there would be a 45 minute wait for the hibachi table after our reservation time, I was happily seated in the dining area.

Hana’s menu features all Japanese specialties—tempura, teriyaki, katsu—with just enough unique dishes—grilled hamachi kolami, ageashi tofu—to keep things interesting.

Funny enough, Hana tussled with the usual suspects during my visit. The clear soup tasted like very weak green tea and had a strange smell. Salad served as watery iceberg with ginger cream dressing. The smoked salmon on the so-called Magic Roll had no smoke, and had a mushy texture.

Hana Japanese Steakhouse And Sushi Lounge Delivery Menu

But then I came back and had the steak, and the simple but beautiful tuna tataki, and the ageashi tofu so crunchy yet smooth, it would turn anyone into tofu. Hamachi collars are like the Japanese version of chicken wings, with a piece of meat that is soft and flaky once it’s removed from the bone.

The prawn tempura is served on long sticks with panko breadcrumbs and fried until golden crisp. The accompanying tempura vegetables are just as crunchy and addictive.

While the waiter was clearing away the empty plates, the lady from behind the host’s booth came over to say hello.

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He already saw me there, he said. He asked how I liked Hamachi Collards and Tofu.

Sushi & Japanese Steakhouse

I nodded, told him they were good, and then complimented him on one more dish—the hibachi steak.

Jean Le Boeuf is the alias of a local foodie who dines anonymously and unannounced at restaurants, and dishes are served at The . Follow critics at facebook.com/jeanleboeufswfl or @JeanLeBoeuf on Twitter and Instagram. Enter downtown Detroit’s newest steakhouse, Hanah. New Asian fusion restaurant bringing Vegas and Miami vibes to Detroit

DETROIT — If you frequent downtown Detroit, you’ve probably seen signs on the bridges on Congress and Shelby Streets advertising an Asian fusion restaurant coming soon.

The restaurant officially opened under the radar on Saturday, November 26, but is already making waves on TikTok with its sumptuous food and elegant décor.

Hana Japanese Steak House (canton)

Hanah took over the space that once housed the downtown location of Brome Modern Eatery and turned the empty space into a feast for the eyes. The restaurant offers an elegant, nightclub-like atmosphere that blends modern design with an Asian touch, complemented by cherry blossom trees that fill the ceiling with their petals.

Development was led by brothers Peter and Christopher Han, restaurateurs who saw something was missing in downtown Detroit. The Han brothers, who also run Osaka Japanese Steakhouse in Clawson and Shelby Township, felt the city needed a high-end Asian steakhouse.

“Downtown Detroit doesn’t have enough restaurants per capita,” says Peter Han. “People travel from the suburbs to the city center. It’s a 30 minute drive and most of them don’t want to do it. But this is a target area.”

“We set out to create a menu that one couldn’t get at a typical suburban restaurant,” says Peter. “We want to make our restaurant a destination.”

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It’s the first thing guests notice when they walk in. Sharing the same front door as Coffee Down Under, visitors are immediately greeted by Hanah’s dramatic interior.

“We want to bring another part of the country to Detroit,” said Chris Han. “Little Miami, little Vegas. You don’t have to travel far to have this experience at home.”

Looking at the menu, diners can find a wide variety of Asian-inspired dishes: from Chinese to Korean, Japanese and Thai. There are Shanghai soup dumplings, a selection of sushi and nigiri, ramen, curries and even Korean beef. Chow fun is a traditional Cantonese dish, but Hanah puts an international twist by using the unique qualities of Korean ingredients like kimchi and pickled chilies.

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“Pasta soaks up the fat and brings out the flavor,” says executive chef Tyler Halostock. “You put in kimchi and the fermentation that comes from it, you put in the sour aspect of it. Then you get the fat coming in, and it’s really just focused on bringing out that home-style fullness and lots of flavor.

Hana Steakhouse Seafood & Sushi In Natchitoches

“Each item is made to stand out by the flavor profile and ingredients it contains,” said Andrew Phommala, general manager of Hanah. “We structure the menu in such a way that everyone always shares.”

Many of their dishes are around $20-$40. The most expensive item on their menu: tomahawk steak with wagyu bone for $295. It’s a massive 38-ounce chunk of marbled beef to share around the table.

“When you come to Hanah, we create an atmosphere with family and friends,” says Peter. “You want to bring people in and enjoy this wagyu. Delightful, delightful, juicy and flavorful. So we try to create a family aspect by choosing from those plates for our meals.”

Part of the menu fusion elements incorporates Detroit into several items. When developing Japanese chicken and waffles, Chef Tyler talked about bringing an Asian twist to soul food.

Hana Steakhouse Seafood & Sushi

“The crunch and saltiness of the chicken is matched by the sweetness of the taro waffle, topped with hot honey for a bit of spice,” says Chef Tyler. “Combining this taste, soul food identity with fusion, it really speaks to what we are all about.”

“Food takes itself very seriously,” says Hyde. “I approach cocktails almost like cuteness. You see that with some of the neighborhoods, where they’re very fun, hopefully thoughtful and atmospheric.”

Syrup and mixer are produced in-house. Lots of cocktails

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