Cups Convert To Grams

Cups Convert To Grams – What is a gram equal to a cup is one of the most common questions I get! Many of you don’t use the imperial measuring system like we do in the US, but the metric measuring system. And unfortunately, all my recipes are written in cup measurements. But because I want to make sure my recipes are easy for everyone to follow, I’ve created this easy-to-reference chart when baking with all the gram-to-cup conversions we’ll do for you!

I don’t want you to feel frustrated trying to bake, so this chart is a helpful reference! I really try to help anyone who asks me how to convert cups to grams, but I thought if I make a handy chart that you can refer to at any time instead of waiting for my answer. Great to print and stick inside the oven cabinet so you always have it handy!

Cups Convert To Grams

There is no single answer to the question “how many grams in a cup” because it depends on what you are measuring!

Simple 20 Grams To Cups Conversion

I’ve tried to break down the most common baking measurements you’ll use into a chart. I’ve also included cups per ounce and grams per ounce because measuring by weight is the most accurate way to measure ingredients. I’ll admit that I’m lazy and I don’t always weigh the ingredients I need to upgrade. Baking can be very precise and I want all of your cookies to turn out perfectly!

Again, if you want to print this out, I have a free printable here –> Cups to Grams Conversion Chart

Some other great resources I have on my site are Baking Equivalents Charts and Baking Substitution Charts! Easily convert between grams, cups, ounces and milliliters for many popular baking ingredients including flour, sugar, butter and more.

Note – A spoon in these conversions is 15ml (standard UK/US size). A cup is considered to be 240 ml.

The Cooking Conversion Chart

For more information on how to use this calculator and how conversions are derived, read everything below…

Isn’t it annoying when you find a recipe in the US Cup and all you have are scales or vice versa?

I called it “grams to cups / cups to grams” because those are the conversions I get asked about the most, but it can actually convert between grams, cups, ounces, or milliliters for many common baking ingredients. So you can go from grams to cups, or cups to grams, cups to milliliters, or grams to ounces at will.

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Just choose the ingredients you want to replace with and enter the amount and it will tell you exactly what you need.

Volume Conversions For Baking Recipe Ingredients

I will be adding new ingredients continuously. If you’re missing any that you’d like to see here, let me know in the comments.

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I asked my followers on social media how they fill their cups. Most ingredients like flour or sugar are taken out of the bag and then leveled off the top, so that’s the method I used when measuring similar ingredients for my calculator. I also like to squeeze the bag a bit beforehand to break up any lumps.

Many conversion charts list 1 cup of flour as 120 grams. However, the only way I have reduced this is to sift the flour and then use a spoon to fill the cupcakes with the sifted flour. I don’t know about you, but I like to sift the flour after measuring, not before. So you’ll see in my conversion that a cup of flour weighs more because it reflects how I’m filling the cup.

Baking: How Many Tablespoons In A Cup?

I pour the ingredients into the smaller packages straight from the bag into the cup and level the top.

For softer ingredients like butter or cream cheese, I push them into the cup with the back of a spoon to make sure all the gaps are filled, then level the top.

Accuracy is key when baking, so I recommend always using chickpeas for my baking recipes if possible.

As I worked through all the conversions for this calculator, I realized that how I fill the cup can greatly affect the amount of ingredients I can fit.

Conversion Charts To Help In The Kitchen

In the picture below, both mugs are filled with flour. However, the one on the right weighs 40% more than the one on the left, because I packed the dough as tightly as possible.

The official US cup size is 236.588 ml, but most cups available in stores assume 240 ml for simplicity (that’s what I assumed in my calculator). However, some cup manufacturers sell 250ml cups (but leave one and a half cups for 120ml!).

This is not a big deal if you know who you own. The big problem is that not all cups sold are perfect.

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I own two sets of measuring cups and neither holds the amount it should. My ¼ cup in one set holds 65ml (it should be 60ml) but the whole cup only holds 225ml when it should be 240ml (don’t worry, I’ve adjusted everything here to make sure it’s correct for the correct size cup).

Paleo Baking Conversions

If you have a recipe like scones or shortcrust pastry that calls for cold butter straight from the fridge, how do you get it into the bowl?

Imagine measuring a walnut. If you add them to the whole mug, you will fit much less than if you finely chop them before adding them to the mug.

There are also some ingredients such as Nutella or blackstrap molasses that are difficult to remove from the cup once filled. You are unlikely to get what you put in so you can add less to the mix than the recipe calls for.

Many scale sets have a tar button that allows you to leave the scale at 0 so you can continue measuring more ingredients in the bowl. This is great because it means you can add everything you need for your mix without having to mess around with lots of extra scoops.

Ways To Measure Grams

Imagine you have a recipe that calls for a cup of butter, flour, maple syrup, and Nutella (not sure what you’re going to do!). To get an accurate measurement, you will need to either have several cups or rinse the cup between each ingredient before measuring the next.

The small cup is just below the cup. As measurements go, it’s a bit confusing! Likewise, the amount you can fit in a stackable cup can vary greatly depending on the shape of the cup. So I don’t use either of those in my recipes (it’s flat cup, teaspoon or teaspoon for me).

In addition to the main calculator, I thought it would be useful to provide conversion tables for choosing the most popular ingredients.

I’ve seen many American recipes that call for a stick of butter, but how much butter do you get in a stick? Want to know how many grams are in a cup? Learn how to easily convert cups to grams and grams to cups with this handy conversion tool! Stop using cups and tablespoons in your recipes to guarantee perfect baked goods every time.

G To Cups

If you’ve ever made a recipe that used cups or spoons, you may wonder why they don’t come out as expected. This is especially important when baking, as accurate measurement is essential.

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This is where the use of grams comes into play. A chocolate cake using grams is always better than a recipe that calls for cups. When using grams, the room for error is minimal.

A gram is a unit of weight used in the metric system of measurement. One gram contains one thousand milligrams. Most countries use the metric system, which measures weight in grams and kilograms. The ingredients you use will usually be in these amounts as well. A few countries that do not use the metric system (the United States, Myanmar, and Liberia) use the imperial system of measurement.

Different components use different units of measurement. Once you know what units it falls under, you can convert it to grams.

Measurements Conversion Sheet

For example, there are 1000 grams in a kilogram. Here are the formulas to convert ingredients to grams:

Flour is a common ingredient used in baking. Based on research and evidence, one cup of flour contains 120 grams.

If a vanilla cake recipe calls for 3 cups of flour, you can use that as a substitute.

You can use the following cup to gram converter for dry measurements. This is useful for recipes that call for a lot of dry ingredients, such as bread, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies.

Learn How To Convert Grams To Ounces And Other Conversions

You can use the following cup to gram converter to measure liquids.

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