Cubic Meters Calculator

Cubic Meters Calculator – A cubic meter or CBM is a measure of the volume achieved by products of various sizes in a shipping container.

Most shipping companies use a CBM calculator. A tool that can be used by logistics and 3PL service companies to estimate shipping package sizes. While CBM is usually calculated in meters, any measurement such as feet, centimeters, or inches can be entered into the calculator.

Cubic Meters Calculator

After entering the measured distance, the package format is also selected in the calculator. The CBM value is then calculated based on the values ​​and data generated on the calculation.

Cubic Feet Calculator (feet, Inches, Cm, Yards)

CBM calculators are available for various devices and operating systems to simplify freight calculations for logistics companies.

A CBM shipment is a space equivalent to cubic meters measured by volumetric weight. However, most large items with low weight are charged according to the amount of space they take up in the vehicle. Therefore, the cubic meter measurement is the total cubic meter space required to store and transport the package. As a result, the exact CBM of a bag or container depends on the shape of its individual units.

Use a measuring stick to measure the length, width and height of the unit. For example, find each of the three spaces and label them clearly and distinctly.

If each measured distance is not measured in meters, CBM shall be equal to m3. So, for small bags like the example above, measurements are usually taken in inches or centimeters. Depending on the actual unit of measurement, certain factors can be used to convert distances into meters.

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Multiply the length, width, and height (now in meters) of the unit to get the cubic CBM.

Note that the value is the same as the unit volume. In other words, in our example, a package will occupy 0.0004m3 during transportation.

The following steps can be taken to obtain the CBM of a cylindrical unit (very different from a cuboid).

As with the cuboid, the height and radius of the cylindrical unit must be known before calculation. The height and radius/diameter of the unit are first measured with a measuring stick and then noted for further calculations.

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Convert 1 Cubic Meters To Liters

Note that calculating the CBM of a cylinder unit requires either diameter or diameter, not both. In other words, if you measure one, you don’t need to measure the other. Because its radius is half its diameter, but its diameter is twice its radius.

Also, as mentioned earlier, cubic meter is a measurement of volume. Therefore, the formula for calculating cylinder volume will be used here.

For example, to calculate the cubic meters (CBM) of a cylindrical container with a measured height of 70 inches and a radius of 35 inches, follow the remaining steps.

Most bags are usually measured in units smaller than meters, so these units must be converted to meters before using the CBM calculator. Conversion factors depend on the actual unit of measurement.

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In our example, to convert the measurement in inches to meters, multiply the value by a factor of 0.0254.

However, if the diameter is measured and used to calculate cubic meters, the equation will be used

The value obtained in step 3 above should be recorded. This is the cubic meter of cylindrical packaging, which is equal to the volume it will occupy during transportation.

It is not easy to measure the dimensions of an irregularly shaped bag, such as a garment bag. Therefore, to calculate this cubic meter, it is necessary to consider a rectangular or cylindrical bag (it depends on the simple shape).

How To Calculate Number Of Bricks In One Cubic Meter Practical Numerical

Irregular shaped bags have no length, width or height, so it is best to measure the longest of these three places with a measuring stick or tape. Mark each measured distance.

For example, we will calculate the GNP of a used garment bag for shipping. The longest, widest, and highest distances measured on the parcel were 7 feet, 4 feet, and 51/2 feet.

Irregular shapes do not have a specific formula for calculating their volume, so the calculated volume is very approximate. In our example, we will use the formula for a cube-shaped container.

The measured distance is converted to units of meters using a coefficient. The factor used depends on the actual unit of measurement.

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In our example, distances are measured in feet, so multiply each distance by meters using the factor 0.3048.

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Based on the shape that is most similar to the irregular shape, the measured distance is entered into the same formula.

For example, the distance we measured is the same as the distance we calculated. The value (in meters) is entered into the formula to calculate cubic meters.

The estimated size is recorded and taken as the estimated bag size. This estimated size is the space the bag can take up during shipping.

Cubic Meter Calculator Pro

In our example, one bale of cloth will hold approximately 4.37 CBM of cargo. However, due to the irregular shape of this package, a tolerance of 0.1 CBM should be given for shipping distance. As a result, the entire package cannot be compressed to a distance less than the volume. Especially when some parts stay longer than others.

Calculate the GNP of shipments with more than one package. The following steps should be followed.

If number of bags of same size and shape are given in each bag, CBM should be calculated for only one bag.

To calculate the total NN of 1 package, it is necessary to measure and calculate the NBM of only one cylinder package. The same applies to other cargo packages.

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However, if each bundle consists of bundles of different sizes and shapes, then the GNP of each bundle is calculated using one of the above methods.

The NBM obtained for each batch is multiplied by the number of units in each batch. This is then added to the CBMs of other batches in the same batch as needed.

In our first example, if we calculate the cubic meters of each bag as above, for example, 0.0004 CBM for a cube-shaped bag, 4.43 CBM for a cylindrical bag, and 4.37 CBM for an irregular-shaped bag. Below

For the second example, given the same CBM for each shape, each set can be calculated as shown below

Cubic Meter Calculator

Measure the size of each cargo package to get the total cubic meters of cargo.

Step 4: Record total load measurements and review the entire job to determine the space required for each shipping package. This type of shipment calculates where all shipments need to be shipped. The information can then be recorded as a bill of lading.

In our first example, a total of 84.54m3 of space is required to transport the entire load, while the second load requires a total of 142.25m3 of space.

Most shipping companies charge their customers per ton of freight or per ton of revenue, so it’s important to understand how shipping tonnage is calculated.

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Calculator, Landscape Materials, Mulch, Stone, Grass Seed, Sand

CBM is a measure of cargo volume, while ton is a measure of weight, 1 ton = 1000 kg.

Packaged cargo size is determined by CBM or cargo tonnage, whichever is higher.

For example, $9 is paid for each ton of cargo and its weight is 3270 kilograms, ie 3.27 tons; and 2.44m3 NTB, the cargo volume can be calculated as follows.

Shipping costs are higher than CBT, so a $29.43 freight charge will apply to the same shipment. We use cookies to improve. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie settings

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