Costco Pizzas

Costco Pizzas – Costco’s food court is loved for its delicious menus and reasonable prices. One of Costco’s most popular takeaways is pizza by the slice and pie.

Costco’s pizza is known for its affordability, fresh ingredients and great size, several inches larger than large pizzas from other national pizza chains.

Costco Pizzas

Read on to learn more about Costco’s pizza, including how to order and how much it costs!

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Costco sold three types of pizza: cheese, pepperoni, and combo. However, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Costco has discontinued its combination pizza and now only sells cheese and sausage pizza.

The pizza dough is made with a blend of 10.5 ounces of tomato sauce and 24 ounces of fresh mozzarella, provolone, and parmesan cheese, creating the perfect ratio of crust to cheese.

The Costco pizza recipe is designed to mimic a New York-style pizza, so you can expect a relatively thin, pliable crust with a crispy, tomato-based sauce and cheese.

By comparison, a large pizza at Domino’s, Papa John’s or Pizza Hut is only 14 inches in diameter, so Costco’s pizza is pretty big.

Costco Food Court Menu Prices (all Items) + Pro Tips ​& Faq

Note that a slice of Costco cheese pizza is larger than a standard large pizza slice at another retailer.

It’s safe to say that a Costco cheese pizza can serve 6-12 people depending on how hungry they are!

Each Costco pepperoni pizza is made with pizza dough, 10.5 ounces of tomato sauce, 14 ounces of mozzarella, provolone and parmesan cheese, and exactly 60 slices of pepperoni.

The obligatory 60 slices of pepperoni per pizza ensures that every bite contains that delicious pepperoni flavor and texture!

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Costco was selling a combination pizza with a classic pizza dough base, 10.5 ounces of tomato sauce, and 14 ounces of cheese.

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It was then topped with 4 ounces of sausage, 36 slices of sausage, and 10 ounces of mixed vegetables with mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, and black olives.

At the time, Costco cut pop-up pizza and other items from its menu to streamline operations and encourage social distancing.

However, while many menu items have since returned, the Costco hash pizza is still nowhere to be seen.

Costco Takeaway Pizza Is The Best Takeaway Pizza In The Uk. This Is The Hill I’ve Chosen To Die On.

Although Costco did not issue a press release about the combo pizza, it did respond to individual customers who reached out to the company asking about the pop-up pizza.

“We understand your frustration with not having Combo Pizza as part of our menu offering at this time. To make things easier for us, a difficult decision was made and unfortunately Combo Pizza has been removed from our menu. We apologize for the inconvenience, but these are not always easy decisions we make.”

Combo pizza is the hottest topic on the Costco subreddit, and there’s even a petition with over 10,000 signatures asking Costco to bring back the combo pizza!

To keep prices low, Costco only accepts pizza orders in person or by phone at a Costco restaurant.

Costco Pizza: Your Guide To Ordering Pizza At Costco

There are two ways to order a pizza from Costco: in person at the Costco food court or over the phone.

If you prefer to order in person, check the hours on the warehouse locator page to make sure your local Costco is open and then proceed.

To maximize efficiency, it’s best to order your pizza as soon as you arrive at the food court.

You can then browse the warehouse to complete your shopping and pick up your finished pizza at the exit.

Online Menu Of Costco Food Court Restaurant, Santa Clara, California, 95050

If you plan to order by phone, go to the heading that says ‘Warehouse Services’ and click on the little plus sign next to the subheading that says ‘Food Area’.

However, on busy days (i.e. weekends, just before a holiday) it may be safer to call a full hour in advance.

You must have a Costco membership to enter the warehouse and pick up your pizza (or any other item) from the Costco food court.

In some areas with warmer year-round climates, Costco has built outdoor dining areas, and you can order food from these outdoor dining areas without being a Costco member.

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Check out our article to learn more about the different Costco memberships, including their prices and benefits.

Unfortunately, Costco does not serve pizza. You must physically visit your local Costco food court and have your pizza delivered in person.

Costco does not offer pizza delivery, so the only way to get a Costco pizza order is to pick it up in person.

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However, there are some workarounds or “hacks” that allow you to have your Costco pizza delivered to a third party.

Clarksburg, Md, Usa 04 7 2021: Closeup Angled Image Of A Carton Box Of Delicious Made To Order Costco Cheese Pizza. Very Popular Bargain Priced Food C Stock Photo

If you call ahead to order your Costco pizza and hire a Tasker with a Costco membership to take your order, you can have your Costco pizza delivered!

A slice of Costco pizza with cheese or sausage costs $1.99. Plus, a whole (18-inch) cheese or sausage pizza is $9.95.

Costco’s wholesale business model and streamlined flavor offerings allow it to offer a simple pizza pricing model: individual pizza slices for $1.99 and full 18-inch pizzas for $9.95.

Additionally, Costco pizzas are 18 inches in diameter, significantly larger than large or even extra large pizzas from other national chains.

Learn On How Much Are Costco Pizza, Information And Recipe

A whole Costco pizza is cut into 12 slices, so when you buy a whole pizza, each slice costs about $0.83.

If you just want a slice of pizza, you’ll be charged $1.99, which is pretty reasonable compared to other pizza chains.

However, $1.99 per slice is more than double what you would pay for a slice if you ordered a whole pizza.

Depending on how many people you have to feed, it might be better to pay $9.95 for a whole pizza or just $1.99 for a slice and not waste the rest.

What Makes Costco Pizza So Delicious

A slice of Costco pizza is between 650 and 710 calories, while a whole pizza is between 3,880 and 4,260 calories.

A slice of Costco cheese pizza is 710 calories, and a slice of pepperoni pizza is 650 calories.

If the high calorie count surprises you, remember that a Costco pizza is much larger than a large pizza at another pizza chain.

Also, a whole Costco cheese pizza has 1.5 pounds of cheese on it, while a whole pepperoni pizza has only 14 ounces of cheese, making it higher in calories than a cheese pizza.

Costco Cheese Pizza

They used to offer refrigerated pizzas that you could take home and cook yourself, but they are no longer in production.

However, if you still want to buy a frozen pizza from Costco, you can search for your local Costco store’s deals on the Costco website.

While inventory may vary at certain locations, some of the Costco frozen pizzas include Kirkland Signature Pepperoni Pizza, Kirkland Signature Cauliflower Crust Pizza, and Giordano’s Frozen Deep Dish Stuffed Pizza.

Costco’s pizza is a perennial fan favorite for its delicious taste, generous size, and affordability. Costco offers two types of pizza: cheese and sausage. Unfortunately, their combo pizza has been discontinued.

Costco Food Court Menu & Pricing Tips (2023)

You can order Costco pizza in person at the food court or by phone. Unfortunately, Costco does not offer pizza delivery.

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Costco pizzas are large and inexpensive; Their entire 18-inch pizza is larger than the average large pizza at other pizza chains and costs only $9.95. Likewise, a slice will only set you back $1.99.

Its founder is Eril Eti. He has over a decade of experience in the consumer goods industry and has worked with Walmart, Costco, Amazon, Target, Kroger, Publix and more.

The man loves to eat, travel and try new restaurants. Outside of work, you can find him hiking in New England or playing soccer with his kids. Costco pizza is an easy Costco food court menu that’s cheap and tastes great. There are many Costco pizza options, and the large Costco pizza size makes it easy to feed a crowd. Learn about Costco pizzas, including how to order, nutritional information, and more in this Costco pizza review. Get the most out of your Costco membership and save with great Costco pizza deals!

Costco Pizza Menu In 2023

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I have heard that Costco will not make changes or substitutions on their pizza. Ask a food court employee if you want a specialty pizza, as rules may vary by region.

Although Costco online ordering is available for many items, you can’t order Costco food online ( source ). Also, you cannot bring Costco pizza from the food court. (However, it may be possible to order a Costco frozen pizza for delivery through Instacart.)

Note that these are 2023 Costco pizza prices for the dining area. Prices vary and vary by Costco location. Apparently, there is no price difference between the types of pizza.

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How many slices are in an 18 inch Costco pizza? The answer to how many slices on a Costco pizza depends on your order.

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