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Convert To Cc – Company Law no. As of May 1, 2011, no new closed corporations will be created pursuant to Law 71 of 2008. At this stage closed corporations which existed before May 1, 2011 are allowed to continue in existence. Filing an annual return to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (“CIPC”) each year is a confirmation required by the CIPC for a firm to remain in business.

However, it is prudent to note that the CIPC has stated that it intends to phase out all close corporations simultaneously. Although there is no confirmed date for this, it is recommended that existing close corporations convert to private companies soon to avoid the last-minute rush to finalize the conversions.

Convert To Cc

The process of converting a corporation into a private company is not complicated but there are several administrative issues to be noted, which are summarized below.

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The following documents are required to be submitted to CIPC for conversion to be received and processed by CIPC:

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After registering a new private company, a new company registration number is allotted to the private company by CIPC. Incorporators are required to sign initial minutes and new stock certificates issued to shareholders. Company registers may then be seized as required under the Act.

It is also important to update any references to the old closed corporation and old registration number in all company documents and social media platforms.

Although the CIPC has not set a specific date for the conversion of close corporations into private companies, it is clear that their intention is to do away with close corporations altogether in the near future.

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There are several advantages to converting a close corporation into a private company, the new Act is specially designed for companies, making compliance easier.

If you need help converting your press corporation into a private company, please contact one of the corporate statutory team members and we will be happy to help. Although these two words are not a direct comparison, they are related and give you an idea. Engine size and capacity.

As previously mentioned, cc and hp are not completely equivalent measurements. Let’s take a look at exactly what each of these are before jumping into how to convert between them.

More specifically, a measure of the volume of a cylinder from all pistons. That is why it is also called engine displacement.

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Because 1,000 cc equals 1 liter, you can also describe engine sizes in liters. For example, a 5.7 liter engine is equivalent to 5,700 cc.

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As the name suggests, it was created as a unit of measurement to compare the work output of horses and mechanical engines. For reference, 1 HP is equivalent to lifting 550 pounds by one foot in one second.

Explain why “cc” and “hp” are not the same measurement. CC is a measure of motor capacity while HP is a unit of power.

A similar comparison would require looking at something like the weight of the car. Regardless of whether weight is described in pounds or kilograms, these are weight measurements and thus are direct comparisons.

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Although an engine’s power output (hp) can be manipulated by modification, its maximum output is inevitably limited by its size (cc). So a rough approximation can be made between the two.

A common conversion between an engine’s displacement and power involves dividing the engine’s CC by 15 to get its rough HP.

This equation can be reversed to determine the approximate size of the engine by multiplying its horsepower by 15.

Technically, each horsepower ranges from 14cc to 17cc, but 15cc is usually used for simplicity.

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Because an engine’s horsepower output can be manipulated by other factors, this is not a perfect conversion. But it’s definitely close enough to give you a good idea!

Let’s use an example where we have a 75 HP engine. Multiplying 75 HP by 15, we calculate that it has 1,125cc.

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For simple numbers, let’s look at converting 1 HP to cc. 1 HP * 15 cc per HP equals 15 cc!

3.0 horsepower engine approx 45 cc. It’s not a perfect conversion because cc is a measure of an engine’s displacement while horsepower is its power.

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It’s not a perfect conversion because cc is a measure of an engine’s displacement while horsepower is its power.

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