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90km To Miles – Authorities have ordered the evacuation of coastal areas near Athens after a large fire broke out near the Greek capital during a heat wave.

A fire broke out on Monday in Kouvaras, about 50 kilometers southeast of Athens, and is threatening some residences, the Civil Protection Agency said.

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The fire destroyed several buildings, the official of the Greek Fire Service said. Local media also showed images of burning vehicles and white smoke billowing from burning plants.

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“It’s a tough fire. Ioannis Artopoios, a spokesman for the Greek Fire Service, said the wind was very strong.

He added that 150 firefighters, including 31 from Romania, 40 fire engines, seven helicopters and four helicopters are trying to control the fire caused by strong winds.

“Because of the storms, the fire spread 12 kilometers in two hours,” Artopoios told a televised press conference that evening, adding that police arrested a person suspected of arson.

The fire department reported a second large fire in a forest area near the resort of Loutraki, about 90 kilometers west of Athens, in which at least two villages, a children’s summer camp and a care center for the elderly removed, the fire department said. fire. and local authorities said.

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Local media quoted Loutraki Mayor Giorgos Gkionis as saying that 1,200 children had left the holiday camp.

An evacuation was ordered as winds of nearly 70 kilometers per hour (45 miles per hour) pushed the fire into the burning forest.

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Greece has been experiencing extreme heat since last week with temperatures reaching 44C (111F) in the central part of the country. The capital Athens and much of southern Greece were on second-highest fire alert earlier in the week due to the heat, which rained over the weekend.

In Athens, the Acropolis, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Greece, was closed during the hottest part of the day for three consecutive days on Sunday as temperatures soared above 40F (104F). .

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Temperatures are forecast to drop in Greece by 2C to 4C (4F to 7F) by Wednesday, but highs are expected from Wednesday, with temperatures expected to top 43C (109F) in the region. , according to the Hellenic Meteorological Agency.

“We are in the middle of fire season, and conditions are expected to be even more difficult and ideal for wildfires,” Artopoios said.

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