8qt To Liter

8qt To Liter – I received it last Friday, but I want to share my joy. The IP-DUO80 Instant Pot is the older brother of my beloved IP-DUO60 pressure cooker. The main difference between the two slabs is the size – they are almost the same, but 80 is larger. That’s good – the 80 has all of my favorite features from the 60, including the single lid and silicone gasket holder, as well as the lid holder built into the handles. The only visible difference is the red pressure valve, marked with lines, so it’s easy to tell when the pressure cooker is pressed. (Since 60 I sometimes have to use it to tell just by looking if the pressure valve is up or down.)

(Distance from side handle to side handle. Length from post to top of handle. Depth from front to back of drain.)

8qt To Liter

Why is he bigger than such a big thing? The extra large pot makes it easy to use my favorite pot. This extension has already come in handy; I store used chicken carcasses in the freezer after we have removed all the meat from them; when I want to cook a chicken, I take a zippered bag out of the freezer, open it, and pour the frozen bones into the pan. Size matters here – often a frozen bird is too tall for my pot – chicken pygostyle 1 Nice scientific name for a chicken leg. it rises above the maximum fill line. I had to disassemble the frozen body to fit it. As an experiment, I took my bag of frozen carcasses out of the freezer and stocked up. The bones fit well under the maximum fill line in an IP-80 pot.

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Choice 8 Qt. White Square Polypropylene Food Storage Container

Another benefit, of course, is that I can fill an 8 liter pot with extra toppings when I’m cooking. It helps a lot when I’m making a big pot of broth, but… most of my other recipes fit right into a 6 liter pot, including cooking for my family of five. If you already have a 6 liter stove and it suits you, don’t rush to get an 8 liter one. large groups), get 8 l. I have multiple cooktops and after a few days the 8 liter one replaced my 6 liter cooktop as a “long lasting island for easy access”. 2Unlike all the other cooks in the basement pantry.

Another important difference: IP-DUO80 remembers the last timer setting. For example, the first thing I do with a pressure cooker is do a water test – 2 cups of water, set to manual, 5 minutes under pressure. Everything looked good, so I took it apart, cleaned it, and put it in the sink to dry. The next day I wanted to cook beef broth. When I pressed the Manual button, 5 minutes returned – unlike the old DUO60 which always reset 30 minutes as the start time. I think it will be a change for the better… but I’m not sure. If I’m cooking normally this feature is useful, but if I skip, cook mac and cheese 4 minutes one day and then beef 75 minutes the next, it won’t be useful. (Both options – remember to set a deadline or set the default to 30 minutes – work better for me than some kitchen machines that always start from scratch and make you count. I often make my recipe between 30 and 60 minutes, so I start higher zero means less button press.)

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I have been using the IP-DUO80 every day since its introduction. and I love it. I will continue to use it and let you know if anything changes, but the old DUO60 was reliable and I expect the same from it. Highly recommended.

I was thrilled with this stove when it first came out, but after a while I went back to a 6 liter pressure cooker. Turns out I don’t need more space (in my daily cooking for a family of 5). Quarter 8 now lives on my kitchen shelf in the basement. No one in the house has a shelf with dishes. basement? where can I find it if I need more space. I still recommend 8 liters if you regularly cook for a large group. Or, if you want a second computer, it’s better to have size flexibility. (This is what I use first when I want to pressure cook two dishes at the same time.) But for most people, the 6 quart IP-DUO60 is more convenient.

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