85 Mph To Kmh

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The highest posted speed limits worldwide. Kilometers per hour are on the left and kilometers per hour are on the right.

85 Mph To Kmh

A speed limit is the maximum speed of vehicles on a road, usually the maximum speed limit. Occasionally there is a speed limit.

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Advisory speed limits also apply, which are recommended rather than mandatory speeds. Speed ​​limits are usually set by national or local laws.

The following tables show the default speed limits of different jurisdictions (where applicable) that apply to different types of vehicles traveling on three different types of roads. Actual speed limits may exceed these values. Speeds are given in kilometers per hour unless otherwise stated. The torque is specified in km/h or in percentages above the specified limit. For the UK and US, the top speed is still listed in miles per hour.

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Germany is the only country where some motorways do not have speed limits. 130 km/h is marked as the general recommended speed limit for the country’s highways. Because of these highways, Germany is considered a country without speed limits on its highways.

Many countries have different speed limits on city streets than on the rest of the road. Such differences have existed since the beginning of the 20th century in countries such as Great Britain and France. This term is officially defined as a road within a built-up area in various regulations, including the Friend Regulations, even though the UK has re-designated them as street-lit or restricted areas. They are informally known as city roads. In 2017, most IRTAD countries have a default urban road speed limit of 50 km/h, with various lower speeds, for example in the Netherlands 70% of urban roads are limited to 30 km/h.

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Some countries, such as the USA, India or China, do not have specific speed limits in urban areas.

There are different speed limits for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), but the limit for heavy goods vehicles is territorial: while most Eurasian and American countries can use the 3.5 tonne limit from the Friends Convention, other countries in North America, China, India, Australia or Ireland may apply different weight limits.

20% of the maximum permitted speed on highways and 50% of the maximum permitted speed in cities and outside settlements.

National speed limits for heavy goods vehicles (>3.5 tonnes according to the Wine Convention) in the European Union on all roads, including motorways

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