80 Mph In Kmph

80 Mph In Kmph – In what is sure to divide the e-bike world, Delfast has updated its latest high-speed electric bike. Top 2.0 is a powerful e-bike with a speed of 80 km/h that pushes the boundaries of electric bikes.

Delfast’s original Top electric bike had a 3 kW motor. Now the upgraded Top 2.0 will have a 5 kW rear hub motor. That increased power should help the e-bike reach a top speed of 80 km/h more quickly. Delfast claims the new acceleration “will be able to compete with most stock cars in the quarter mile.”

80 Mph In Kmph

The company also claims that the new engine has better thermal management, allowing it to maintain higher speeds with better efficiency. They also added dust and water resistance to the motor, achieving an IP54 rating.

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The energy for that powerful engine is provided by a huge 72V 48Ah battery. This is almost 3.5 kWh of energy.

The video above, taken on an unloaded factory test bench, shows the bike spinning up to a rear wheel speed of 68 mph (110 km/h). No-load speed is always higher than actual road speed, but it’s an indication of how powerful the new Top 2.0 feels.

And when the power level of an e-bike reaches those levels, braking is even more important than ever. The Top 2.0 has redesigned hydraulic brakes and will have dual disc brakes on the front forks. According to Delfast:

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“This new power required us to redesign the brake system of the motorcycle. To ensure safety, we ran a series of tests and installed reliable dual disc brakes on the front forks. Such a system is installed on cross-country motorcycles and has proven itself in the most difficult conditions.”

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Upgrades don’t just stop with the engine or brakes. Delfast has been hard at work upgrading the controller, adding a better display, including a more robust GPS tracker, and changing the aesthetic package. All these changes aim to provide the user with a better driving experience.

“We also improved and perfected the controller’s internal design by modifying the firmware. It now enables smoother and safer engine operation in a wide range of revolutions. And it’s paired with a waterproof color display. The bike has a few more details we’ve added, such as a protective controller cover, a new 3G GPS tracker, and more aggressive-looking fenders. Overall, we believe this will create a better experience for riders who want more control, more power and a more dynamic cycling experience than an e-bike can provide.”

The Top 2.0 has some really impressive features, but don’t expect it to fall into the budget e-bike category. The current Delfast Top costs around $3,900.

The upgraded model will not be delivered until the fourth quarter of this year. Meanwhile, anyone who buys the original Top model has the option to wait for the upgraded Top 2.0.

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I also think the price is pretty fair. I mean, there are other ways to go almost as fast. My 46 mph (74 km/h) electric city bike is only $2,495. But it also doesn’t have the suspension to match something off-road like this.

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And there is the problem. The Top 2.0 is actually conceived as an off-road electric bike. This thing probably doesn’t fit many e-bike laws for road use. Off road is another story though, where this thing would shine. Think of it as something like a Sur Ron electric mountain bike, but with pedals.

In theory, you could pedal this thing, which might actually come in handy if your battery dies while you’re still tearing up forest trails. But the Top 2.0 definitely falls into the category of electric bikes that are almost like motorcycles.

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