8 Quarts

8 Quarts – I’ve only had it since last Friday, but I want to share my excitement. The Instant Pot IP-DUO80 is the big brother of my favorite pressure cooker, the IP-DUO60. The main difference between the two herds is size – they are almost identical, but the 80s are bigger. That’s a good thing – the 80 has one of my favorite extras from the 60, the one-piece lid and silicone gasket holder, as well as the lid holder integrated into the handles. The only noticeable difference is the fancy red pressure valve marked with lines to make it easier to see when the cooker is under pressure. (At 60, I had to use it a few times to tell just by looking at the pressure valve up or down.)

(Width is from side handle to side handle. Height is from counter to top handle. Depth is from front of control panel to back of drain.)

8 Quarts

Why is a big thing such a big deal? An extra large pot makes using my favorite stove even easier. That extra width has already proven useful; After removing the meat from the chicken carcasses we used, I refrigerate. When I want to make chicken broth, I take the ziplock bag out of the freezer, open it, and pour the frozen bones into the stove. That’s where the size comes in—often the frozen bird is a little too long for my pot—Chicken Pygostyle 1 The fancy, scientific name for chicken butt. Protrudes beyond the maximum fill line. I have to disassemble the frozen carcass to fit inside. As a test, I took my bag of frozen carcasses out of the freezer and made broth. The bones fit well under the maximum fill line of the wide pot of IP-80.

Quart Bd5 Stainless Steel Stockpot I All Clad

The other benefit is that I can fill the 8 liter cooker with more ingredients while cooking. This really helps when I make a big batch of broth, but … most of my other recipes fit perfectly in a 6 liter cooker and even cook for my family of five. If you already have a 6 liter cooker and this works for you, don’t rush and get the 8 liter cooker. Get a second pressure cooker for side dishes or an 8 liter pressure cooker for your first pressure cooker (and if you want to cook for large batches). I have several stoves and in a few days the 8 liter stove replaced my 6 liter stove with a “storable under kitchen island for easy access” stove. 2 Unlike all my other stoves on a shelf in the basement.

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Another difference I noticed: the IP-DUO80 remembers your last timer setting. For example, the first thing I did with the stove was do a water test – 2 cups of water, manually adjusted, pressure for 5 minutes. Everything worked fine so I took it apart and cleaned it and put it down the drain to dry. The next day I wanted to make a beef stew. When I hit the manual button it was 5 minutes again – unlike the old DUO60 which always resets to 30 minutes as the start time. I think this would be a nice change…but I’m not sure. If I’m cooking in the same general temperature range, this feature is a good thing – but if I’m jumping around and cooking a 4-minute macaroni and cheese one day and a 75-minute beef stock, it’s not. useful (Both options—remember last set or default to 30 minutes—work better for me than other pressure cookers that always start from zero and force you to count. I make a lot of recipes from 30 to 60 minutes, so I’ll start with a value higher than zero means fewer keystrokes.)

I have used the IP-DUO80 every day since it arrived3. So far I have cooked beef broth, chicken broth, beef stew, and black beans. , and I love it. I’ll continue to use it and report back if anything changes, but my old DUO60 was solid and I expect this to be the same. Highly recommended.

I loved this stove when it was first released, but over time I went back to my 6 liter Instant Pot. I don’t seem to need the extra space (if I cook for a family of 5 everyday). The 8 liter is now on my pressure cooker shelf at Keller4. Does everyone have a shelf full of pressure cookers in their basement? Basement, cellar? , if I need extra space from where to get it. I still recommend the 8 liter variety if you regularly cook for large crowds. Or if you need a second computer, it’s great to take advantage of the flexibility of the larger computer. (That’s what I mainly use it for – when I need to pressurize two things at once.) But for most, the 6 liter IP-DUO60 is preferable.

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Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Stainlesss Steel 8 Quart Stockpot

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When Instant Brands first released the Instant Pot multi-cooker, there were only a handful of models, so you didn’t have much to choose from. In the years since that initial launch, they have released many new models and sizes and discontinued a few.

Maybe you’re here because you’ve decided on a new Instant Pot and are having trouble deciding on the size. There are so many styles and sizes of Instant Pots that it’s completely understandable why you might get confused.

In this article, I will tell you about all the Instant Pot sizes and the differences between them. To help you decide which model to buy, read my guide to buying an Instant Pot.

Chafing Dish: Roll Top Rectangle 8 Quarts

Instant Pot is a multi cooker from Instant Brands. A multi-cooker is a multi-functional appliance including pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, etc.

Features offered in each model may vary. Some models have additional features such as an air fryer and/or sous vide. All these functions are also called smart programs.

Although the Instant Pot Multi-cooker has various functions, the most commonly used is the Quick Cook function. With pressure cooking, you can prepare food in a fraction of the time it takes in a pan or oven.

If you’re new to the Instant Pot and aren’t familiar with how to use it, here are my guides to using some popular Instant Pot models:

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The Instant Pot comes in 4 different sizes: 3 qt is the smallest Instant Pot size. The 6 qt is the most popular size, the 8 qt is the next size, and finally the 10 qt is the largest Instant Pot size.

Available sizes vary by model. For example, some models are available with a 10 liter container while other models are only available with a 6 liter container.

Some sizes (notably 3-quart and 10-quart) do not have all the characteristics of other sizes. For example, the 10 liter model does not have an option to keep the lid open. The 3-liter model has fewer smart programs or features than the larger sizes.

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Instant Brands continues to introduce new models of the Instant Pot and discontinue other models. I will try to keep the information up to date, but the information below is subject to change.

Crockpot™ 8 Quart Slow Cooker, Manual, Stainless Steel

Dimensions and specifications on the Instant Pot Size chart below courtesy of Instant Brands. Get more detailed information on Instant Pot dimensions, including the internal dimensions of the pot, the space required to store the Instant Pot, and the accessories that fit each Instant Pot.

Below you will find out what the pros and cons of each size are and who each size is best for.

Most recipes are written for 6 liters. A 3-liter dish may require some recipe changes, including the amount of liquid and the quick cooking time. Minimum fluid requirement: 1 cup

I have a lot of 6 liter bottles and love this size. For my family of five, this amount is enough to cook a full meal with leftovers. That’s the size I’d recommend for most people, if there’s room to store it. I keep mine on the counter. Minimum fluid requirement: 1 ½ cups

Amazon.com: Cuisinart Cpc22 8 8 Quart Pressure Cooker

I own an 8 liter unit and it comes in handy when I need to double or triple a recipe. It also comes in handy when I’m cooking for guests or on vacation. It easily fits large meals such as whole chickens or roasts. If you are among a

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