68 Kilometers To Miles

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68 Kilometers To Miles

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Top Speed 59mph // 95kmh :: Distance 42 Miles // 68 Kilometers :: Elevation 4000′ // 1200m

The asteroid moon demorphs as seen by NASA’s Dart spacecraft 11 seconds before impact. DART’s on-board DRACO imager captured this image from a distance of 68 kilometers (42 mi). This image was the last image that had all the dimorphos in the field of view. Image credit: NASA/Hopkins Laboratory of Applied Physics.

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“At its core, DART is an unprecedented achievement in planetary defense, but it is also a unifying mission of real benefit to all of humanity,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

As NASA studies the cosmos and our planet, we work to protect that home, and this international collaboration turns fiction into reality and reveals a way to save Earth.

“Planetary defense is a unified global effort that affects everyone on Earth,” added Dr. Thomas Zorbuchen, deputy director of the Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters.

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“Now we know we can target a spacecraft with enough precision to hit a small object in space.”

“We only need to make a small change in speed to make a significant difference in the path an asteroid takes.”

Didymos Reconnaissance Camera and DART Asteroid Camera for Optical Navigation (DRACO), with a sophisticated guidance, navigation and control system that works with Smart Nav (SMART Nav) algorithms, enables the probe to detect and differentiate between them. Two asteroids target small dimorphos.

These systems carried the 570-kilogram box-shaped spacecraft on its final 90,000 km into space to demorph, intentionally crashing at 22,530 km/h (14,000 mph). Orbital velocity of the asteroid

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The final DRACO images obtained by the spacecraft seconds before impact show a close-up of Dimorphos’ surface.

The DART team is now observing Dimorphos using ground-based telescopes to confirm that the impact changed the moon’s orbit around Didymus.

Researchers expect the impact to shorten Dimorphos’ orbit by about 1 percent, or about 10 minutes. Accurately measuring the amount of asteroid deflection is one of the primary goals of full-scale experiments.

“This is uncharted territory, we’ve never approached a binary asteroid before,” said Dr. Paul Abel, an expert in small object detection and astronomy research and discovery at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

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We know a little about Bigger (Didymos) because it is large enough that we can determine its size and shape and other physical characteristics from Earth.

We have signs that the small one is getting bigger (the suffix), but we don’t know much about the shape or anything else.

“In a real planetary defense scenario, you can’t choose the asteroid – the asteroid will choose you! In this case, we don’t know much about the target, but that’s why we’re doing it. It’s easy to see and study because it will be very close to Earth at the moment of impact. , but it’s safe to check.

DART is the culmination of a lot of work that many people have dedicated years of their lives to. For me, personally, I’ve been working on this mission for a long time – over 10 years – from the idea and then actually the mission itself, trying to put it together. I’m really, really excited about Monday. I have goose.”

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The last complete image of asteroid Dimorphos was taken by the DRACO imager on NASA’s Dart mission from a distance of 12 km (7 mi) and 2 seconds before impact. This image shows a section of the asteroid 31 meters (100 feet) across. Image credit: NASA/Hopkins Laboratory of Applied Physics.

Fifteen days before the collision, the Italian DART Lite CubeSat for Imaging Asteroids (LICIACube) spacecraft was deployed to photograph the impact of DART and the ejected asteroid cloud.

In addition to the DRACO images, the LICIACube images are intended to provide a view of impact effects to help researchers better characterize the influence of kinetic effects on an asteroid’s deflection.

Since LICACube does not have a large antenna, the images will come down to Earth one by one over the coming weeks

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“DART’s success is a significant addition to the toolbox needed to protect our Earth from destructive asteroid impacts,” said Lindley Johnson, NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer.

It shows that we are no longer powerless to prevent such natural calamities. Combined with advanced capabilities to accelerate the search for remaining hazardous asteroid populations through our next planetary defense mission, the Near-Earth Object (NEO) Surveyor, a DART successor could provide what we need to save the day.

“A first-of-its-kind mission required incredible preparation and precision, and the team exceeded expectations in every way,” said Dr. Ralph Semmel, director of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

“Beyond the truly exciting success of the technology demonstration, DART-based capabilities could one day be used to redirect an asteroid to protect our planet and preserve life on Earth as we know it.”

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“About four years later, the European Space Agency’s Hera project will carry out a detailed survey of Dimorphos and Didymus, with a particular focus on the impact of Darts and precise measurements of Dimorphos’ mass.”

“Incredibly, DART successfully traveled 11 million kilometers (6.8 million miles) to collide with the small moon Dimorphos, just 160 meters across, marking the milestone of the first full-scale planetary defense mission,” said Dr. Vanessa Moss. , astronomer at CSIRO.

“This improves spatial situational awareness and proves that we can deflect objects when necessary.”

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It is great to see continued collaboration between CSIRO and NASA through the Deep Space Network and Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex (CDSCC) operations. In fact, CDSCC was the primary station responsible for capturing the final images of the dart as it launched towards the surface of Dimorphos.

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Future missions like ESA’s Hera and NASA’s Near Earth Object Surveyor will continue to push the boundaries of our ability to protect our precious planet, paving the way for an effective planetary defense system.

“Spectacular – Spectacular! Marvelous! Marvelous!” During the last 10 seconds of NASA’s DART spacecraft hitting the asteroid, CDSCC’s Visitor and Contact Center Director Dr. Glenn Nagel lamented. Dimorphos, I thought.

And what a beautiful little asteroid. Its appearance suggests it may be like other asteroids visited in recent years, a jam of house-sized debris and small machine-made rocks held together by gravity. Much remains to be discovered from today’s events.”

I am incredibly proud of our CSIRO team in the control room today. Like DART, they were laser-focused on the task at hand and maintained a communication lock through these final hours. I couldn’t be more proud of what they have achieved today. Together with the creatures of the DART mission, they made history!” Four hungry friends who drove 68 miles to get treats from McDonald’s have each been fined £200 for breaking Covid rules.

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