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64 Km To Miles – A large Russian military formation, 40 miles (64 km) long, has not moved near the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in three days, Britain’s defense ministry said.

But U.S. defense officials say Russia still intends to surround and capture the city of about three million people – using disruptive tactics if necessary.

64 Km To Miles

On Thursday morning, intelligence from the British Ministry of Commerce said that the convoy “has been making significant progress for more than three days” and is within 30 km of Kiev.

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A number of reasons could explain why a large gathering, including armored vehicles, armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers, stopped his march to the capital. This includes logistical problems, opposition from Ukraine and low morale among Russian forces.

According to the UK government, mechanical breakdown and congestion are causing problems. Food and fuel are said to be in short supply, and there are reports of poor and poorly maintained tires.

“There is a serious problem with the supply of fuel, food, spare parts and tires… they are stuck in the ground, making it difficult to get the vehicles out,” said General Sir Richard Barrons, former head of the British Joint Forces. . world. Command, he told Radio 4’s Today programme.

However, he said, command-and-control problems – such as faulty radios and communications on open networks – can cause serious problems.

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The Pentagon also said that Russia is facing logistical problems and has decided to “regroup and reassess how to deal with lost progress and lost time.”

The Ukrainian resistance is preventing the convoy, the Pentagon said, but he said that it is not possible to fully confirm the independent charge.

Stronger than expected Ukrainian resistance could affect Russian morale – another reason for the failure of the convoy.

Oleksandr Danylyuk, the first secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, compared it with the Ukrainian military’s determination to defend its capital, saying, “The morale of the people who live in this society every day.”

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Ninemile Canyon (also Nine Mile Canyon) Is A Canyon, Approximately 40 Miles (64 Km) Long, Located In Carbon And Duchesne Counties In Eastern Utah Stock Photo

A US administration official told reporters on Tuesday that there are signs of morale problems in the Russian army, which uses large numbers of conscripts.

“Not all of them … knew they were going to be involved in a military operation,” the official said.

Ukraine has some air capabilities and is using powerful Turkish-made drones to destroy other Russian convoys. But, according to General Barrons, Kiev does not have the military power necessary to destroy a group of this size.

“They are good at attacking the convoy from the front and from the side,” he said, but the damage from the air is more visible.

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General Barrons added that Russia will also have air defenses around the convoy, capable of shooting down Ukrainian targets. An air strike on the convoy would therefore risk overwhelming Ukraine’s limited air power.

Some commentators have argued that NATO should consider destroying the convoy, but it would be a major escalation, threatening a war between the two nuclear powers.

Despite all the problems presented, the fact is that a large group of Russian military equipment is located north of Kiev and may move at any time.

The former British commander, General Lord Dannatt, said, “This great column … will surround and surround the capital,” adding that the Russians were trying to take the Kiev road. on the road will be a lot of trouble.

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General Barrons said that the convoy had many military capabilities that could cause serious damage to Kiev.

According to him, the convoy could be part of the forces surrounding Kiev with artillery and troops.

At the time, he said the Russians had two options. Issue an ultimatum to leave, or accept that the city will not surrender and attack it, as they did in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city.

Now, the people of Kyiv can watch and wait to see what the journey will do next.

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“There is no love like the love of a dog,” they say. A golden retriever escaped from his new home and walked 40 miles back to his old home after his owners abandoned him.

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According to Metro, the dog jumped out of the car shortly after arriving at its new home in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It then disappeared for about a month before returning to its original owners in Tobermore, County Londonderry, traveling some 40 miles (64 kilometers).

Lost Paws NI, the lost dog charity, said it received tips on April 22 that the dog had been seen in fields and hanging out outside houses. A caller reported seeing Cooper going to his ex’s house five days later. According to them, the dog roams the forests and highways alone, often at night, without the help of humans.

“Cooper is a smart kid.” said a spokesperson for Lost Paws NI. Instinct led him on a familiar journey. I don’t know how he did it, but he did. No food, no shelter, no support; just persistence and that normal nose.

U.s. Route 64

“We searched that place day and night, and we followed him to the place where he disappeared, but now we know that he is about to return to the same place where he started from before he ends up in the dog pound.The way home from a place he has never been.

Newbie Nigel Fleming said Cooper is “safe now” and “eats small meals to build up his energy and slowly gain weight”.

Mr Fleming added: “Even in her passing, my faith in humanity has been restored by the incredible support she has given me, and today with her by my side and Molly, I am truly grateful.”

A spokesperson for Lost Paws NI said: “Cooper is settling into his new home life with his sister and is enjoying the comforts of home. I am delighted that his new owner has joined him. Nigel to us. I would like to say that he is one of the most loyal guardians I have ever met. This story is one of positivity, determination, about tenacity, fighting for what you want. to life and not to leave. near the roads where the journey takes place. pictures are shown.

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Satellite images taken on Monday show a Russian military base north of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, extending about 40 miles (64 kilometers), the longest in before the 17 miles (27 km) reported earlier in the day. Kiev repelled several attacks.

Photos collected by Makhar showed the Russian team covering the road from the vicinity of the Antonov airport to the city of Pribirsk. “To the north and north-west of Ivankov, near the roads where the convoy is going, some houses and buildings can be seen burning,” Makhar said.

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The convoy traveled all the way from near the Antonov Airport to the city of Pribirsk, 18 miles from Kyiv. For high resolution image: click here

A number of buildings and structures can be seen in the north and north-west of Ivankov, near the roads through which the procession goes. For high resolution image: click here

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Maxar Technologies also said new ground attacks and attack helicopters were seen in southern Belarus, 32 kilometers north of the Ukrainian border.

Right, Russian attack helicopters are stationed at Bokov Airfield in Mazir, Belarus. For high resolution image: click here

Since the start of the Russian offensive last Friday, Ukrainian forces have been protecting the roads leading to the center of Kiev from attacks by Russian forces encircled around the capital.

On Monday, the Russian army urged Ukrainians to leave Kiev “freely” on a single highway ahead of a Russian offensive to take the capital.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the largest military attack on a European country since World War II. Ukraine says more than 350 civilians have been killed since the violence began last Friday.

Russia has called its actions in Ukraine a “special operation” designed not to capture the country, but to destroy its southern neighbor’s forces and capture what it considers terrorist regimes.

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