5oz In A Cup

5oz In A Cup – Send a small meal or serve food samples with this extra 5 oz. a thin-walled plastic cooler!

5 oz. capacity is the right measure for cups of water, jelly, pudding, pudding and other foods. Made from lightweight and durable polypropylene plastic with bright colors and a classic design, it’s perfect for everyday use. This mug is perfect for quick and easy drinks.

5oz In A Cup

A rolled band at the top of each cup keeps the cup tight and ensures good suction. It’s smooth to the touch, but sturdy enough not to fall.

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Scalloped sides increase the strength of the bowl, eliminating the risk of breakage. From ice cream scoops to salads, you can use this bowl with confidence thanks to its durable design and sturdy walls.

The easy-to-hold folding style will give your customers the confidence to carry this cup. The versatile design makes it easy to store from the side or from below. Also, unlike straight sided cups, premium cups are less productive than they appear, saving money and increasing value.

The clear color of this cup makes product identification quick and makes your products visible to passers-by. Whether you’re serving beer samples, sweet or savory snacks, your staff and guests will appreciate knowing what’s in that cup and taking a quick look.

Made of shatter-resistant polypropylene plastic, this mug makes for a cost-effective and durable product for everyday use. Use it in delivery or at a food bar, bar or kiosk – the combination of plastic and lightweight design makes it perfect for any use!

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Strong Plastic Cups

This product is made with clear thin walls for use for quick drinks rather than on the go. With that in mind, there are no matching lids for these mugs.

Beverage containers and glassware are measured in ounces, which may vary depending on the size of the industry. It should not be used as a standard performance measure.

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