41 Kilometers To Miles

41 Kilometers To Miles – Switching between zones may sometimes require switching between KM and miles on Google Maps and Apple Maps. If you’re also frustrated by this and want your maps to appear in one unit, read on as we explore all the ways to do this.

While Google Maps and Apple Maps both have dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS, only the Google Maps app is officially available for web browser access. So does this mean you can’t use a web browser to switch between Apple Maps miles and KM? And can you visualize the scale in both Google Maps and Apple Maps?

41 Kilometers To Miles

To know this and more, let’s explore all the ways you can switch between KM and miles in Google Maps and Apple Maps

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To change from KM to Miles (or vice versa) on iPhone, iPad and Mac, all you need to do is change your device’s region settings. Once the relevant zone is set, Apple Maps should follow it. However, since there is no direct way to access Apple Maps in a web browser, you can use DuckDuckGo to open Apple Maps through it.

Check out the steps below for a detailed look at how to convert kilometers to miles and vice versa in Apple Maps.

Note: If you select United States, it will show imperial units, i.e. in miles and feet. If you select UK, it will show metric units i.e. Kilometers or Meters.

This allows you to convert KM to miles and vice versa on your iPhone or iPad. You can change your region to match your device’s local measurements.

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Fun fact: Except for three countries – USA, Liberia and Myanmar, all other countries use metric units.

Step 1: Click on the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen and select System Settings.

This should be applied immediately and changed to kilometers in Apple Maps. Additionally, if you want to change from kilometers to miles in Apple Maps, change the zone again to use miles.

While there is no direct way to use Apple Maps in your web browser, you can use DuckDuckGo as a proxy to get Apple Maps features on your desktop. By using this you can save miles and km. Maps can be switched between. Here it is.

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Step 4: Click the Region drop-down and select a country that uses KM like India. If you’re going miles, choose another applicable zone.

Although this will apply the changes immediately, you may need to refresh all currently open tabs to reflect them.

Like Apple Maps, you can change the unit of measurement in Google Maps from miles to KM. As it is available on both desktop and mobile, this task becomes easier. Here it is.

Tip: You can also tap Miles if you want to change kilometers to miles on Google Maps.

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Step 2: Next, use the search bar to enter the locations of the collection point and endpoint. Now open the instruction panel.

Note: You can click on miles to change the unit. Clicking on Auto will ensure that Google Maps adjusts units of measurement according to your region’s preferred metric measurement system.

Because of the way maps are displayed on screen, it is often difficult to check the physical distance of a location on maps. The scale in Google Maps and Apple Maps helps you accurately estimate how far or close you are to a specific location on the map, so you’ll have an idea when you’re zooming in or out of a location.

Follow the steps below if you want to keep the scale visible in Google Maps and Apple Maps apps.

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If you use Google Maps in your web browser, the scale is visible to you by default in the lower right corner of your screen and cannot be removed. However, for Google Maps Android and iPhone apps, this may not be the case. So, to ensure that the scale is visible in the Google Maps mobile app, follow the steps below.

You can see the scale automatically when you zoom in and out in the Apple Maps app for desktop, iOS and iPadOS, and you may want to turn it on when using Apple Maps on macOS. Follow the steps below to do it.

Yes, you can delete Google Maps search history and activity. Open Maps Settings in the mobile app and tap Map History. Here, you can tap the x in front of your activity details to delete it. For more detailed explanations, see our article on how to delete Google Maps search history and activity.

To measure distance on Google Maps, go to your starting point in the map view and right-click on it. Next click on Measure Distance. Now, click on any other point on the map to measure the distance from it accordingly.

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Yes, you can add your home address to Apple Maps. Open the Apple Maps mobile app and go to the favorite section. Here, tap on the Home icon. Next, tap ‘Open my contact card’ > Add address. Add your home address and tap Done to save the information and close the window.

So km in google maps and apple maps. And these were all ways to help convert between miles. We hope this article helps to make maps easier to understand and more accessible to you.

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A writer at heart, Ankita enjoys writing about Android and Windows ecosystems at Guiding Tech. In her free time, she can be found exploring technology-related blogs and videos. Alternatively, you can catch her chained to her laptop, meeting deadlines, writing scripts and generally watching shows (any language!). Apple removed the option to quickly switch between miles and kilometers when using Apple Maps in 16, but it’s not completely gone — it’s just not as easy to find.

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At 15, you can toggle between miles and kilometers from Visible: Maps Preferences in the Settings app. An even quicker way to change the distance measurement is in Maps itself, where you tap your profile picture, select Preferences, and make the switch.

Both of these options have gone for maps in 16. Instead, the remote unit is linked directly to your system settings, which can be found via Settings –> General –> Language & Region –> Measurement System. Instead of choosing miles or kilometers, you have to choose between “US,” “UK” and “metric,” which can be confusing.

Apple uses the International Component for Unicode (ICU) in the globalization libraries for units of measurement that include US, UK, and metric, as shown in the settings above.

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So if you want to use Apple Maps miles, you can choose US or UK. To use Kilometers, you should select Metric instead.

Note that these settings change everything on your device, so apps like Gauges and Weather may show different units of measure when you switch. However, temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) is adjusted separately system-wide via the Weather app or through Settings -> General -> Language & Region -> Temperature.

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