400 Mph To Kph

400 Mph To Kph – An air brake at the rear of the Chiron helps it stop from 0 to 400 km/h in less than 10 seconds.

The number 42 on the Chiron’s nose refers to the time it takes to reach 400 km/h and stop again.

400 Mph To Kph

Bugatti knows how to deliver impressive and impressive numbers like few other automakers. Powered by a four-cylinder W16, the Chiron is an incredible demonstration of what the Volkswagen Group can do given the time and money. The latest crazy number from the Chiron is a new world record for going from 0-400 km/h and then stopping again.

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The Bugatti Chiron takes just 41.96 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 400 km/h (249 mph) and then zero again. Driven by Juan Pablo Montoya in front of the SGS-TÜV Saar assessors, the car was unmodified from standard and the entire maneuver was completed in just 3,112 meters (10,210 ft).

Reaching 400 km/h in just 32.6 seconds, the Chiron takes just 9.3 seconds to stop and needs only 491 m (1,611 ft) to stop again. Thanks to the carbon ceramic brakes measuring 420mm up front and 400mm out back (16.5 and 15.7 inches respectively), although the flipped rear airbrake doesn’t hurt.

“Bugatti is the first car brand to calculate how fast a car can go from zero to 400 on a computer,” says Wolfgang Durheimer, president of Bugatti. “We actually drove it. Where others are satisfied with the theory, we validate the data with actual values. Just like we did with Chiron.”

“When you drive the Chiron for the first time and take it easy, you can’t imagine how powerful it is,” says former F1 driver and active IndyCar driver Juan Pablo Montoya. “But as soon as you open the throttle, you hear the turbos pull up and all that torque kicks in and doesn’t stop. It’s like a linear power-to-happiness curve. The Chiron is so incredibly fast it takes your breath away. Its braking is at least as impressive.”

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The Chiron, which was used on test, will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where New Atlas is covering all the action.

Living in Melbourne, Australia, Scott grew up with a passion for cars and a love of writing. Now he combines both by covering all cars for New Atlas. When he has free time, you can usually find him wandering around looking for fresh ski powder. See Bugatti Chiron The Autobahn 257 MPH (414 KM/S) No laws were broken during the filming of this movie.

You’ve probably seen your share of high-speed runs on the Autobahn, but this one takes the proverbial cake. Real estate tycoon Radim Passer is the star of an impressive video in 2015 in which he managed to achieve 402.5 km/h (250 mph) in his Veyron on an unlimited stretch of German autobahn. He took delivery of the W16 successor in 2018 and returned to the Autobahn to break his personal record earlier this year.

After sending the car to Bugatti in Molsheim, France to undergo a technical check and make sure it can reach the 400 km/h speed limit, the 58-year-old entrepreneur took to the Autobahn to drive the hypercar in July. all its capabilities. The high-speed run took place early in the morning at 4:50 a.m., so there would be less risk of other cars blocking the effort. It was a smart move as the Autobahn was almost empty, creating ideal conditions to push the Chiron to its limits.

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He managed to raise the analog speedometer needle to 414 km/h (257.2 mph) without breaking any laws. As you all know, the Super Sport 300+ is limited to 273 mph (440 km/h) and since the unrestricted prototype reached 304.77 mph (490.48 km/h) in the 2019 Volkswagen Group Ehra, the Chiron is very faster. Lessien trial run.

Bugatti has officially retired from chasing top speed records, but the company’s test driver, Andy Wallace, said the car was still clocked at 304.77 mph. Achieving a higher speed would probably require less drag or a longer stroke to break the iconic 500 km/h (310.6 mph) mark.

With no top speed button included, the Chiron is worth noting that it’s electronically limited to “only” 237 mph (381 km/h), making it one of the fastest road-legal production cars to date.

Hennessey with the Venom F5, SSC North America with the Tuatara and Koenigsegg with the Jesko Absolut will try to dethrone the Chiron SS 300+ at the same time. Fuel consumption, l/100km: 35.2 in urban areas / 15.2 in suburban areas / 22.5 combined. combined CO2 emissions g/km: 516; Performance class: G

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Behind the 0-400-0 world record, Chiron delivers brutal power. Especially for this car, the exhausts (which are usually in a stainless steel design) and the aluminum rear light frame are painted in ‘Nocturne’ black.

World record for the Chiron: the Alsace supercar with 1,500 hp accelerated to four hundred km/h without stopping and braked in just 42 seconds (41.96). This is the fastest time ever achieved and officially measured for this driving maneuver for a production car worldwide. The route was managed and officially certified by SGS-TÜV Saar, part of SGS, a world leader in inspection, testing, verification and certification. Chiron completed the maneuver at a distance of only 3,112 km.

This underlines the supercar’s unique position in the extreme performance spectrum. The world record was set by Juan Pablo Montoya, winner of the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, two-time winner of the Indy 500 and three-time winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona. The 0-400-0 maneuver is the first step on the way to a new world speed record for production cars, which they aim to set in 2018, and is another milestone in the success story of the Chiron, which made its world debut last year . Produced in a limited run of 500 units, 300 of these exceptional super sports cars have already been sold. The world record 0-400-0 Chiron is exhibiting at the 67th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt from 14 to 24 September 2017. The stand is located in Hall 3.

“A weekend in August 2017. The weather is dry and sunny and the air is calm. The Chiron starts with racing driver Juan Pablo Montoya behind the wheel. A long time awaits him ahead. Using the signature High Speed ​​Switch, it activates the High Speed ​​mode, allowing the Chiron to drive faster than 380 km/h. A signal sounds. He puts his left foot firmly on the brake pedal. Montoya engages first gear, then engages Launch Control. The digital display next to the speedometer confirms the received command and 1500 horses wake up. In your signs! Full concentration for driver and team. invited Montoya to complete a 0-400-0km/h maneuver under real-world conditions to back up the Chiron’s excellent braking and acceleration position. He accepted, willing to meet Chiron as well.

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Montoya presses the gas pedal to the limit with his right foot. The 8-liter W16 engine revs up to 2,800 rpm. The powerful turbochargers increase the speed and there is no denying that this car is tense in traffic. Install it! Montoya lets off the brake pedal. I am going! All four wheels of the Chiron receive equal power and grip the asphalt with full force. The car is thrown forward, developing maximum torque. Traction control prevents wheel spin. Combined with ESC (Electronic Stability Control), it propels the Chiron forward and keeps it firmly on track. Full acceleration. Time passes. The world is flying.

The Chiron’s incredible acceleration, completely linear power curve and huge torque, especially in the low engine speed range, is the result of a two-stage turbocharger system specially designed for this car. This is one of the outstanding technical features of the Chiron engine. To ensure maximum acceleration from a standing start without any “turbo hysteria”, the Chiron initially uses two turbochargers. The other two units start at 3,800 rpm. about.

The new high-performance tires developed with strategic tire partner Michelin are now supercharged. Centrifugal force at a speed of 400 km/h turns one gram of rubber into 3600 grams. Weighing only 18.3 grams at rest, the tire valve produces approximately 45 kg of force at this speed.

After just 32.6 seconds and just 2,621 meters, the Chiron reaches 400 km/h. Super quick responses, Juan

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