32ounces – Confused and can’t figure out how many cups are in 32 ounces? Make no mistake, as I will explain in this post how to divide 32 ounces into cups including liquid ounces and dry ounces.

It’s often difficult to figure out how to measure such conversions when we don’t have a yardstick or food scale to easily convert them.


An ounce is a unit that can measure weight or volume in the conventional US system. United States, and here the ounce I refer to is both dry and liquid.

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The American ounce measures mass or weight and volume, but to distinguish between the two, we use fluid ounces and ounces. That is, one dry ounce is abbreviated as oz. and a fluid ounce like fl. Oz.

If you’re talking about dry ounces, it’s a unit of measurement for weight or volume and is called an oz. If it is a measure of liquid, it is the fluid ounce denoted by fl. Oz.

In terms of weight, one ounce equals 1/16 pound, 28.34 grams, and in volume terms, one ounce equals 29.57 milliliters.

In the conventional British and American systems, these measurements are common, and most volumes and weights are expressed in ounces for small amounts.

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A cup is a form of measurement in cooking and it is a unit of volume commonly used in cooking while adding key ingredients in cooking other than spoons or teaspoons.

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Exactly, one cup can hold 8 fluid ounces and exactly 1 cup equals 16 tablespoons, and that’s how ingredients are divided and used to add to different recipes.

Recipe ingredients are often listed in ounces (oz) for dry and liquid, and converting them to cups can be a challenge.

If we understand and learn the basic math of converting ounces to cups, cooking will become easy and fun.

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To understand this conversion, let’s first try to understand how many cups an ounce equals, and the details we cover below are for liquid components in terms of their mass, such as water or milk equivalent.

If you are converting a liquid to a volume, such as water, then each cup is equal to 8 ounces. Here, we convert fluid ounces (a unit of volume) to cups (a unit of volume).

Similarly, we can calculate any number of ounces in a cup. The above formula is only for converting liquid ounces (volume) to US cups.

A simple technique is to divide the value in ounces by 8 and you will get a cup result.

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Some examples of liquid ounces in US cups are mentioned below and know 32 ounces in cups for water, milk, oil, etc.

If you try to convert from dry ounce (a unit of weight) to volume, the results will be different because different ingredients have different densities and ounces to cups for different foods are also different.

Since water is a liquid, and trying to convert 32 US fluid ounces to US cups, it equals 4 US cups.

If you are trying to convert any food substance such as milk, water, oil, flour, or sugar by weight in cups instead of by volume in cups, the results will be different for each ingredient. part.

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Here are some examples of 32 ounces of dry flour, sugar, etc., in US cups varying by weight.

32 ounces all-purpose flour in US cups = 7.25 cups (1 cup all-purpose flour equals 4.4 ounces)

If you are converting dry ounces to cups, we can see from the data above how different each result is because each ingredient has a different density.

If you ever look at the recipe instructions that mention 32 ounces of flour and instead of adding 7.25 cups, if we add 4 cups, the result could be a disaster.

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This is why chefs use food scales to measure ingredients while cooking, as they have to cook on a large scale.

Measuring ingredients with a food scale gives us accuracy and the recipe can never go wrong.

Food scales help to measure all ingredients by weight and whenever we are dealing with dry substances or dry ounces I recommend using a food scale to ensure accuracy.

In short, if you try to convert US liquid ounces to cups, 1 fl. oz = ⅛ cup or divide any ounce by 8 to get the cup value.

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Using the scale to convert from dry ounces to cups is best. Add ingredients to a bowl by balancing them and measuring their ounces on the scale before adding them to your recipe.

A commercially available chicken broth capsule can be 14.5 oz, 32 oz, 48 oz, etc., representing its weight.

They list the number of ounces and their weight in grams, and it’s confusing to know how many cups that could be.

Since it’s broth and has more water, its density is the same as water, so a 14.5-ounce can of chicken broth is about 1.74 cups.

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How Many Cups In 32 Oz, 32 Oz To Cups

For ease, since broth contains more water, remember that 1 cup equals about 8 ounces and calculate accordingly.

The density of each flour is different and while measuring the weight you need to measure the density of each ingredient which is why each flour has a different measurement in a 32 oz cup.

I hope this post clarifies the difference in converting mass (liquid ounce) to cup and weight (ounce) to volume for ingredients that weigh 32 fluid ounces and dry ounces.

In short, a 32-ounce cup is 4 cups for a liquid ounce, and if you use a dry ounce, the cup size will vary according to the different ingredients.

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Still have any questions, leave us your questions in the comments below and I will clear your doubts soon.

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