310 Kmh To Mph

310 Kmh To Mph – As the world faces climate change, short-haul flights seem unappealing for many travelers. The flygskam (flight shame) that started in Scandinavia has long encouraged many travelers to reduce their reliance on airplanes.

Unless proven otherwise, high-speed rail is the most efficient method of air travel for trips up to 1,100 kilometers (700 miles). Connecting passengers between cities at speeds of 290 kph (180 mph) or more, it offers a powerful combination of speed and comfort.

310 Kmh To Mph

The train’s ability to move large numbers of people quickly is far more efficient than vague, low-capacity ideas like the Hyperloop.

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Since the 1980s, hundreds of billions of dollars have been invested in new high-speed and high-speed trains in Europe and Asia, led by the Shinkansen in Japan and the Train a Grand Vitesse (TGV) in France. .

In the last ten years, China has become the world’s greatest leader, building a new railway network of 38,000 kilometers to reach almost every corner of the country.

Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium and England are expanding the European network and other countries are expected to follow in the 2030s.

In 2018, Africa received a high-speed train for the first time with the opening of the Al-Boraq line in Morocco, and it seems that Egypt is ready to join the group before the end of the 2020s.

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Elsewhere in the world, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan have developed high-speed lines, and India, Thailand, Russia and the United States are among a growing group that are willing to build new trains that can trains run through major cities at high altitudes. fast. over 250 kph (155 mph).

The fastest general train in the world is also unique – it is the only connection in the world at the moment of passengers that uses magnetic levitation (Maglev) instead of traditional steel wheels.

Connecting Pudong Airport in Shanghai with Longyang Road station in the center of the city, it has the highest commercial speed of 460 kph, completing the journey of 30 kilometers in just seven and a half.

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Based on German technology, Maglev trains fly on high and powerful magnets to provide a smooth, friction-free ride.

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Using the experience gained from more than a decade of continuous work, China has now built its own 600 kph (373 mph) Maglev train and has ambitious plans for a network of Maglevs, including a line between Shanghai and Hangzhou. .

As well as boasting the longest network of high-speed lines in the world, China now has the most scheduled railways on the planet.

CR400 “Fuxing” trains run at a maximum commercial speed of 350 kph (217 mph) but successfully achieved 420 kph (260 mph) in testing. An expression of the hope for the development of China’s railway technology industry, Fuxing’s trains were developed from the first generation of high-speed trains, which are based on technology imported from Europe and Japan.

With up to 16 cars and a capacity of 1,200 passengers, this amazing family of trains is full of new features, including in-seat entertainment, smart glass displays, wireless connectivity, “smart cabs” ” and even the examples are designed to be very serious. weather conditions and independent operation – the latter is the only high-speed train in the world.

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The famous German InterCity Express (ICE) includes a large family of high-speed trains on different routes.

However, the fastest member of the “White Worm” family is the 330 kph (205 mph) ICE3, which has been around since 1999. This awesome machine was built for a 180-kilometer (110 -mile) Cologne-Frankfurt high speed. In 2002 they had 62 minutes since 2002.

The standard operating speed is 300 kph (186 mph), but the ICE3s are allowed to push up to 330 kph otherwise. A top speed of 368 kph (229 mph) was achieved during testing. The key to the performance of the ICE3 is 16 electric motors distributed in the train of eight cars, which produce 11,000 horsepower.

The ICE3 group operates directly throughout Germany and includes international route trains, connecting major German cities with Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.

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The design is also the basis for the Siemens “Velaro” family of high-speed trains, which were sold in Spain, Russia, Turkey, China and the Eurostar second generation of international trains.

France is the country that holds the world record for a regular train, set at 574.8 kph (357 mph) on April 3, 2007. At 150 meters per second it is almost twice the top speed of a Grand Vitesse (TGV) regular train. ) service, recognized worldwide as a leader in high-speed train technology.

Europe’s first high-speed network remains popular and successful, reaching beyond the borders of France. The French railway industry has gradually pushed the boundaries of what is possible with conventional trains since the Second World War, breaking records in 1955 (331 kph), 1981 (380 kph) and 1990 ( 515.3 kph).

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Today, high-speed lines are emerging from Paris to Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Strasbourg, Lille, Brussels and London with trains reaching up to 320 kph on some routes. Over the past 40 years, railroads have expanded over several generations as the network expanded.

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The popular orange TGVs of the 1980s provided high-speed “duplex” trains that could be used in neighboring countries including Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

High-speed rail is also a huge export success, with TGV technology being sold to Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Morocco, Italy and the United States over the past 30 years.

Japan introduced the world to the new concept of high-speed rail in 1964 and continues to be a world leader, pushing the boundaries of speed, capacity and safety with Shinkansen lines.

While most Shinkansen currently operate at a maximum speed of 300 kph (186 mph), the E5 “train” of Japan Railways East (JR East) reaches 320 kph ( 200 mph) on the Tohoku Shinkansen, which runs north from Tokyo. to Shin-Aomori.

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Each train has 731 seats and 32 electric motors producing 12,900 horsepower. Constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy, the E5s have a “strong suspension”, which allows them to trade curtains at high speed.

The unusually long nose of the driving cars is designed to reduce the sonic boom that is created when trains enter the tunnel at high speed.

Introduced in 2011, 59 trains have been built since 2016. It is also used north of Aomori on the Hokkaido Shinkansen, which connects Japan’s main island of Honshu with the 54-km (33.5-mile) Seikan Tunnel from the Tsugaru Strait. .

The first train in Africa, only now, was opened in November 2018, connecting the city of Tangier and Casablanca in Morocco.

File:high Speed Railroad Map Of Europe.svg

The service, named after ‘Al-Boraq’, a mythical creature carried by Islamic prophets, is the first part of the planned 1,500-kilometer (930-mile) high-speed network.

French TGV Euroduplex electric trains operate at 320 kph (200 mph) on a new 186-km (116-mile) line between Tangier and Kenitra.

The $2 billion project also included upgrading the 137-kilometer (85-mile) section between Rabat and Casablanca to high speed, reducing travel time from 4 hours 45 minutes to 2 hours 10 minutes.

Once the new line is built in Casablanca, travel time will be cut to just 90 minutes.

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Al-Boraq holds the speed record for African trains – during pre-trial tests in 2017 one of 12 Alstom-built trains reached 357 kph (222 mph) on the new line – e more than twice the speed of any other train. the fastest so far. in the continent of Africa.

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Spain joined the high-speed club in 1992 using TGV technology imported from France. Since then he has developed his own high-speed trains and built Europe’s longest line of long-distance lines, running from Madrid to Seville, Malaga, Valencia, Galicia and Barcelona.

AVE, short for Alta Velocidad Espana (High Speed ​​​​​​​​​in Spain) but also the Spanish word for bird, usually operates at a maximum commercial speed of 310 kph (193 mph ). The pride of the fleet is the S-102 Talgo and the S-103 “Velaro” trains, the latter being a more powerful family of the German ICE3.

Recorded at a maximum speed of 350 kph (217 mph) and a seat of 404, the S-103s share services between the two largest cities of Spain with Talgo S-102 high-speed trains.

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In July 2006 the S-103 set the Spanish train speed record of 404 kph (251 mph) – at the time the world record for an unmodified commercial passenger train.

For many years, Spanish trains were known for their low speeds and slow delays, but in the last 30 years AVE has changed long-distance travel throughout the country and has expanded the network to reach all corners of the country, The change seems. clear. will continue.

Since 2004, South Korea has been accelerating its high-speed rail network, bypassing traditional lines where difficult terrain slows down travel times and inefficiencies.

Starting on the Seoul-Busan route in 2004, KTX trains can operate at 330 kph (205 mph), although the normal limit is 305 kph (190 mph). The first generation of KTX-I trains, based on French TGV technology, reduced the Seoul-Busan travel time from more than four hours to just two hours and

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