30mph To Kmh

30mph To Kmh – Although there is no specific formula to convert engine (cc) to speed (ml/h), on average, 100 cc is equivalent to the following number for each class of vehicle:

If you want to know where these numbers come from and how to convert engine cc to HP, this post is for you.

30mph To Kmh

Many say comparing apples to oranges, since CC refers to engine displacement while MPH is vehicle speed. And because of the unique characteristics of each vehicle, there is no specific formula for changing engine mileage.

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However, when you compare cars with different engines in a certain range, you can see the relationship between engine CC and speed.

To illustrate some examples, we have combined the CC and acceleration numbers of the most popular motor vehicles:

But is this relationship always online in (almost) every class of car? How are the different classes of vehicles related?

This problem may be trivial, since internal combustion engines are used in many different cars and boats.

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But we’ve done some serious research and collected the mph/cc ratings of many different vehicles under our roof.

Based on our research, 1 cc translates to about 0.01-1 mph for standard cars, boats, and small planes.

Specifically, 0.03-0.07 mpg for watercraft such as jet skis and sports boats, 0.05-0.1 mpg for cars, UTVs and ATVs, 0.1-0.1 mpg for heavy and medium motorcycles, 3 miles and equal to 0.3-1 miles. miles on a light motorcycle.

For your convenience, we have listed the “conversion rate cc/m/hour” for some common vehicles and boats:

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Since they are not designed for racing, their 500-600cc engines provide an average top speed of 4-6 mph. Subtracting those numbers results in a rate of 0.01 mph/cc; that is, riding a lawnmower gives about 1 mph for every 100 cc of displacement.

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Jet skis and sports boats seem to be very fast on water, but they are much slower than wheeled sports vehicles on land due to high water resistance.

For example, a 900cc jet ski can reach 42-50 mph, resulting in a speed of 0.05-0.06 mph/cc (100cc = 5-6 mph).

Fortunately, you can’t expect too much from a high performance jet ski engine, as these 1500-1800cc mills can only do 60-70 mph (100 cc = 4 mph).

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ATVs and UTVs are not known for high speeds because they are designed for maximum torque. The engine in this type of car usually gives 7-12 mph per 100 cc, which is 0.07-0.12 mph.

You can expect 10-18 mpg per 100cc on a 600-1000cc motorcycle and surprisingly 1600cc F1 cars don’t get more than 14-16mpg per 100cc.

Due to their powerful engines, 600cc and 1000cc motorcycles can reach incredible speeds of 90-170 mph.

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But their displacement is 0.15-0.3 mph (100 cc = 15-30 mph) below the entire class of motorcycle.

On the other hand, 300cc-350cc motorcycles give 30-40 mph per 100cc, while 125cc-200cc class cars give 30-60 mph per 100cc.

A good ratio of mph/cc is required for a motorcycle with a 50cc. These machines can reach speeds of 30-50 mph with a small engine, resulting in an excellent mph/cc ratio of 0.6-1!

Although they cannot reach that speed, if we do the math, that means a theoretical value of 60-100 kilometers per 100 cc!

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Disclaimer: Please consider this list as a collection of extreme statistics posted for informational purposes only. If you do your research, you may find some cars with better numbers or mph/cc. But it goes without saying that most of the stock cars are in range.

As a general rule, for small craft such as sports boats or jet skis, 1 cc is 0.03-0.07 mph. For cars and non-wheeled vehicles like ATVs and UTVs, you can expect 0.05-0.1 mph.

An average of 0.1-0.3 mpg can be used for most light and heavy motorcycles, while 500cc motorcycles can provide 0.3-1 mpg.

The car can reach a speed of 45-70 mph with a 100cc engine. Small power generators are used in motorcycles, light motorcycles and entry-level go-karts.

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The 125cc engine can drive the car at a speed of 25-80 mph. Smaller ATVs are rated at 25-40 mph, while go-karts can reach 70-80 mph.

The 200cc supercar is a supercar that can reach a top speed of 30 mph (maximum). At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find 200cc road bikes with top speeds of 60-90 mph.

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Top speed for 250cc bikes varies, but is usually between 35 mph and 140 mph.

A Powersport car with a 500cc engine can go 50-120mph, while a relatively small boat with a 500cc outboard can reach 20-30mph.

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Depending on their type and specification, the top speed of the 600cc powerport varies from 60 mph to 165 mph. Meanwhile, a 600cc lawnmower travels at 4-6 mph.

The slowest machines in this category are the 800cc UTVs, which have a top speed of 50-65 mph, while the high-performance motorcycles can reach speeds of 170 mph.

The 1000cc engine is used in a variety of vehicles that provide a top speed of 70-170 mph. As for boats, 1000cc jet skis top out at 40-55 mph, while smaller boats with 1000cc engines can reach speeds of 35-40 mph.

When it comes to normal cars, a 1500cc engine can reach speeds of 120-170mph, but an F1 car with a 1600cc engine tops out at 220-250mph.

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At the other end of the spectrum are utility vehicles such as the 1500cc farm tractor; These cars can only travel 20-25 km. But you can reach 35-70 mph in a craft like a jet ski or a recreational boat.

A car with a 2000cc engine typically reaches a speed of 120-170 mph, while a boat with a 2000cc engine typically reaches a speed of 35-55 mph.

Let’s face it; Since the speed of a car depends on countless factors such as its type, design and specific engine, there is no magic formula for converting engine speed to cc per hour.

For example, a 500cc riding lawnmower can only go 4-6 mph, while a single displacement engine can drive a GP motorcycle at 220-250 mph.

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A 1600cc farm machine can top out at 20-25mph, while an F1 car with a 1600cc engine can do 220-250mph.

But while there is no strong correlation between cc and mph numbers, we can calculate the “variable number” for many car classes.

For example, 1 cc is 0.03-0.07 km (100cc = 3-7 km) for small sports boats and jet skis, 0.05-0.1 km (100cc = 5-10 km) for a normal car, and most motorcycles at 0.1- 0.3. With 300-1000cc engines (100 cc = 10-30 km).

Interestingly, the best mpg/cc ratio is given for a 50cc motorcycle; these machines can move 0.6-1 cubic kilometers!

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