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30kph To Mph – Lead a research project ‘Low urban speed limits in Europe – what does the evidence show?’ (LUSTRE) aimed to test the safety benefits of lower urban speed limits. The project brings together an international team of road safety experts, including Professor Mohammed Quddus and Dr Akis Theofletis (Loughborough University); Dr. Ron Elwick (Institute of Transport Economics) is involved. Norway), Professor Lars-Christ Heiden (Lund University, Sweden), Alan Townsend and Jenny Carson (European Transport Safety Council).

The project will provide a report on the development of policies and methods for setting UK speed limits over time. It was based on a 20 mph speed limit policy and a background check of the target. A systematic review of the UK speed limits report will be prepared. It focuses on the results and methods of previous reports on the 20 mph speed limit. A meta-analysis of the impact of the 20 mph limit in the UK. This includes more than 20 studies being carried out across the UK. Finally, the impact of a 30km/h speed limit in Europe will be analysed. and prepared a report on lessons learned from the European experience with a 30 km/h speed limit.

30kph To Mph

The results will be discussed through a webinar and a final report outlining the evidence, findings and recommendations. Intended to publish in December 2020

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Executive director David Davies said: “Lower speed limits (20mph/30km/h) in cities and towns are internationally recognized as a key component in reducing road damage. And for people to walk and cycle. Create safe conditions for driving. This project will look for evidence of outcomes (speeding, casualties, air quality, walking, etc.) from programs across the site. It has nothing to do with traffic calming or police enforcement.

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He added, “Many mainland European cities have had speed limits of 30 km/h for over a decade. Working with an international team of experts and extensive consultation I want to bring this learning to the UK.

Sally Lines, Chief Executive Officer of the Road Safety Trust, said: “The standards for grant applications in 2019 were very high, receiving over 20 entries under the title.

“We are delighted to be able to fund the Transport Safety Parliamentary Advisory Council to help achieve our vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on UK roads. We want to make the roads safer for all users. Particularly vulnerable road users include pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

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