30kmh To Mph

30kmh To Mph – Milan’s city council Monday night approved a resolution to reduce the speed limit north of the city to 30 kph (18.5 miles) starting in 2024. The current limit is 50 kph (30 miles).

The move drew some criticism from Transport Minister Matteo Salvini, head of the conservative party that has ruled Lombardy for years, who said, “I reminded the mayor (leftist Giuseppe Sala) that (Left Democratic Party). ) PD that people want to work.” , indicating that their work will be hampered by lower bounds.

30kmh To Mph

However, according to the author of the text, the measure will not have a negative impact on the average travel time. On the contrary, it will make the movement of the vehicle more fluid “by avoiding acceleration and braking that consume a lot of fuel, produce smoke and are dangerous for safety”. Not only that: it can increase the average speed of traffic and “thanks to the use of technology”, like waves.

Un Pushes Lower Speed Limits To Combat Road Toll

Maurizio Lupi from the centrist party Noi Moderati (We Moderates) said “there is no limit to the ridiculous: forcing the whole city of Milan to move at a speed of 30 kph, far from improving security, will be a strong limit of what it is. It has always been a symbol of the city and what it’s a symbol of business all over the world: productivity”.

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He said that people will be forced to break the border and he said “don’t try to change the business to get money (with fines) as one intended to protect the road”.

The local PD responded “there is no cost to road safety” and said the new limit “will definitely save lives”.

The debate over the proposal suggests that reducing the speed limit to 30 kilometers per hour in the city will help reduce road accidents and improve life and air quality. The measure has been implemented in other large Italian cities, such as Parma and Bologna.

Woter Tonk (land/water Vehicle) 30 Km/h (18,5 Mph) Max Speed, 3 000 Health. +990 Coolness, 200 Defence (full Stats In Comments)

The impact between a car traveling at 50 km/h and a pedestrian or motorist is almost fatal for light road users, and vice versa, an impact at 30 km/h is almost never fatal and guarantees that the result will be. serious country

The proposed law found scientific evidence that between the reaction time and braking of the car at 30 km / h, the braking distance is 13 meters, while at 50 km / h it travels about 28 meters before stopping.

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Pdf) Implementation Principles For 30 Km/h Speed Limits And Zones

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