30 Ms To Mph

30 Ms To Mph – Mississippi State Highway 30 (MS 30) is a state highway that crosses the Appalachian Mountains in the north central foothills of northeastern Mississippi. It runs east-west for 91.1 miles (146.6 km) from MS 7 in Oxford, Mississippi to the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mingo, near the Alabama state line.

MS 30 begins in Lafayette County, Oxford, at an intersection with MS 7 in the northern part of the city. It briefly heads east as a four-lane divided highway through the business district, then narrows to two lanes and crosses several blocks of the neighborhood. The highway now leaves Oxford and passes through farmland for several miles before entering the Holly Springs National Forest, where it winds through remote forests (passing the Puskus Lake Recreation Area) as it crosses Union County.

30 Ms To Mph

MS 30 exits the National Forest and heads east through farmland for several miles where it crosses the Etta (where it intersects with MS 355 and crosses the Tallahatchie River) before crossing MS 349 and passing through business communities. and Poolville. The highway crosses the New Albany city limits and crosses an industrial area before some neighborhoods and business districts at the intersection with I-22/US 78 (exit 61), where MS 30 coincides (overlaps) with the interstate. MS 30 heads east on four-lane I-22/US 78 east for several miles to cross the Tallahatchie River a second time just before exit 63 (Carter Avue/Ctral Avue/Bratton Road; signed Downtown New Albany). The freeway now reaches exit 64 where MS 30 splits off and follows the four-lane MS 15 north through the eastern part of town where they intersect with both MS 178 and MS 348 before MS 30 splits off and heads east through the neighborhoods. two strips. MS 30 leaves New Albany and heads northeast through wooded and hilly terrain for the next few miles, passing through Keownville, Pleasant Ridge (where it intersects with MS 370), and Graham (where it intersects with MS 9) before that. crossing Prtis County.

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MS 30 passes through Geeville as it travels through farmland for several miles to an intersection with US 45 Wheeler, which MS 30 coincides with, and they continue north as a four-lane expressway for several miles to Booneville, where MS 30 separates and heads east on a two-lane expressway on the southern outskirts of town where it intersects with MS 145 and MS 4 and also intersects with MS 364 before leaving Booneville County and winding through rolling woods for the next few miles where intersects with MS 365 at Burton before Tishomingo County.

MS 30 travels through more hilly woods to cross the Tnessee Tombigbee Waterway and cross the Falls before intersecting with MS 25 in the northern part of the town of Tishomingo. The highway travels through more hilly terrain for several more miles before reaching to an intersection with the Natchez Trace Parkway in the community of Mingo and the road continues south as County Road 85 (CR 85) to Bloody Springs and the state of Alabama. line.

East d of I-22 / US 78 overlap; west d of MS 15 overlap; MS 30 eastbound takes exit 64

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