280 Km To Mph

280 Km To Mph – Few cars have received as mixed a reception when first launched as the BMW X6. It took the world by storm at a time when SUVs were still debatable (but selling like crazy) and created an entirely new segment of its own.

The SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle, because BMW doesn’t do “utility”) Coupé was born and the world was completely divided about it. There were those who loved him, and then there were those who thought he was disgusting and should be burned to death. They didn’t, and the X6 spawned smaller offspring as well as similar competition models at the same time.

280 Km To Mph

As if its existence wasn’t enough, BMW went one step further and launched an M version, made even more palatable by the fact that there’s an even lesser car: the X5 M. Yes, there’s no doubt. . It was quickly obliterated by the impressive performance of what still hangs over the speedy X6: it produces 575 hp. and has a 4.4-liter V8 engine with a peak torque of 750 Nm (553 lb-ft). Add four-wheel drive and an excellent eight-speed automatic transmission, and you get a 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint time of 4.2 seconds and a 250 km/h limited top speed of 155 mph. (with the possibility of increasing it to 280 km/h – 174 mph).

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Someone was not satisfied with all these numbers provided by the manufacturer and wanted to see how the beast performs in a sprint from zero to top speed. Using the launch control function, it proceeded to do just that (on an unrestricted section of the German Autobahn), but not before giving us a brief visual introduction to the BMW X6 M.

If you look, you can see both sides of the argument: it exhibits a certain vague appeal – probably called “dark power” – but the X6 can also be interpreted as “a little too much”. Not to mention completely useless compared to the X5 equivalent. However, by some miracle, it caught on and grew on people, and now it is a common sight on the street.

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As you near the end of the video, you wonder, “Did I cheat? I don’t even have time for this heavy beast to hit 280km/h before the clip ends.” Don’t worry, there are no tricks, the BMW X6 M delivers on its promise.

“Boy meets car, boy loves cars, boy gets journalism degree, writes and edits car magazine” – 5/5. (Vlad Mitrach if this was a movie)

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BMW XM (G09) Large SUV BMW X6 Premium SUV BMW 5 Series Luxury BMW X1 (E84) Premium SUV BMW X5 M Competition Premium SUV All BMW models Not many modified or stock cars with a range of 291 km from zero. /h (181 mph) in less than 25 seconds, which makes the following speedometer video even more impressive.

The only thing that makes it more impressive is that it is a premium sedan with a three-pointed star on the hood attached to the speedometer and is primarily seen as a very comfortable taxi in countries like Germany.

However, this is no ordinary diesel cabin, but a Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG 4Matic powered by a PP Performance engine.

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In other words, 557 hp. and instead of 720 Nm (531 lb ft) of torque, this PP Performance model has no less than 720 hp and an incredible 1100 Nm (811 lb ft) of torque. four wheels

Impressive enough? Not realizing that this is a phase 2 upgrade that includes some PP Performance downpipes and an ECU upgrade. You can probably imagine what the Phase 3 upgrade brings to the table in terms of neck-breaking acceleration figures.

We’re guessing the Stage 3 will include some transmission upgrades, as the monstrous torque from the Stage 2 version is doing some pretty nasty things to the 4Matic transfer case and seven-speed MCT transmission, especially on hard starts. and using the output control function as in the video below.

Alex took his first wheel at the age of five (on the field) and started practicing “Scandinavian flicks” at the age of 14 (on non-public gravel roads). After studying journalism at university, he got his first real job at the local franchise of Top Gear a few years before Mircea (Panait). After some time, Alex entered the New Media sphere with the project.

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TOYOTA C-HR Crossover LEXUS LBX Compact SUV LAND ROVER Range Rover Evoque Large SUV VOLKSWAGEN ID Buzz LWB Lower Premium MITSUBISHI Colt Compact All car models A 22-year-old Australian driver has caught the attention of the police and the Internet with his incredible speed. on public roads. New South Police said in a statement that they caught the driver in a blue Golf R speeding at 280 km/h (174 mph).

Our Australian readers will no doubt know, and no doubt readers from the rest of the world, that this is well above the posted speed limit. According to police, the limit was less than half the speed the driver was supposed to be traveling at, 110 km/h (68 mph).

Police said they pulled over a 22-year-old man at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 7, who may have been driving.

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“One has to ask if the Golf can reach 280 km/h!!!” as one commentator observed. “280 km… Need to calibrate that radar,” wrote another. Indeed, the Golf R is limited to a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) from the factory.

As other commentators have noted, the excitement surrounding the Golf, particularly the R model, means there is a lack of modification programs to help the Golf R reach such high speeds, but the police have yet to provide information on that front.

Several videos have been released of the Mk7 Golf R showing speeds in excess of 280 km/h (170 mph) on autobahn speedometers. According to the posters, this can be achieved thanks to tuning and modifications that help the cars to exceed 500 hp.

Whether it was due to suspected speed changes, a miscalibrated radar detector or a particularly favorable storm, NSW Police said the 22-year-old’s driver’s license had been revoked for the time being. He was also given a court appearance notice for his driving and will appear in court in December. Sometimes the most amazing releases come from tuners most fans haven’t heard of, and this is one of the company’s best European examples. This is Boba Motoring.

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The Image Depicts The Speedometer Of A Car With A Red Light Background, 3d Illustration Close Up Black Car Panel, Digital Bright Tachometer, Speedometer Shows 280 Km H Background Image And Wallpaper

We’ve talked a few times about the goodness of German aftermarket developer Volkswagen, but the small company’s clips didn’t blow us away. You can find his latest video at the bottom of the page, this time we’re looking at the Golf Mk II.

To use the full name of this compact pump, we’ll call it the Boba Motoring Volkswagen Golf Mk II 4Motion 2.0 Liter 12V Turbo. And while those naming details tell you a lot about the tech details of the thing, you should know that this track is a street car, not a toy.

The footage we have here shows the dreaded restomod performing a 0-174 mph (280 km/h) acceleration test, with only the instruments on the dashboard captured.

And while this machine can deliver 1,094 Nm (1,233 hp and 807 lb-ft) of torque while running at 64 psi, the test here was done at 53 psi, putting production at… 1,100 hp. reduced to. Oh, and by the way, we’re looking at racing-inspired dog ring gearboxes (think: faster shifting but harder to use).

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The four-cylinder heart of this Golf features an E85 setup, an ExtremeTuners turbocharger, as well as a CNC-ported cylinder head from NG-Motorsports, while the ECU map and build itself were designed by Boba Motorsport.

Tipping the scales at just 1,180 kg (2,601 lb), this Golf can complete the quarter-mile task in 8.26 seconds in 169.5 seconds.

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