280 Km To Mi

280 Km To Mi – Travel 174 miles (280 km) through misty forests and hunt vampires in medieval castles in Transylvania, Romania.

When and where – this is a virtual challenge. Collaborate and complete anytime, anywhere in the world.

280 Km To Mi

How – Set your time frame and complete the required distance by walking, running, cycling or any distance based activity of your choice.

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Rewards – Receive a beautiful finisher medal delivered to your front door with worldwide shipping! You will also receive an e-certificate by email and unlock digital postcards in the application.

Each medal is created with thoughtful design and superior craftsmanship and comes in a padded display case. It is guaranteed unlike any other medal you have won before.

Unlock new locations on the map as you progress through your challenge. Each new location is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a virtual experience and learn about local attractions, history and culture.

High-resolution maps, 360° panoramic views, photos and fun facts. Immerse yourself in the journey and learn fun facts about local attractions, history and culture.

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Connect the Pacer app to your favorite wearables/apps and sync easily during your workout. Not a fan of fashionable things? Your phone works great too!

You don’t have to be alone during the journey! See and compare your performance with other participants with global leaderboards and friend leaderboards.

After completing each challenge, the participant will unlock a unique badge and E-Certificate to print or show off!

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2 You must pay VAT and the normal customs processing fee charged by the carrier upon delivery.

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This is a great challenge and the medal is beautiful, the details are beyond amazing, the pictures just don’t do it justice guys, keep up the great challenges

Famous Swakopmund Lighthouse In Swakopmund, City On The Atlantic Coast Of Northwestern Namibia, 280 Km (175 Miles) West Of Windhoek, Namibia’s Capital. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 44525188

It’s great, a little bigger than I expected but looks to be made of a decent quality material or metal depending on whether you look at the lanyard or the medal. Great job though

I had to contact support but a replacement medal was sent quickly. High quality medal, will definitely do more

This challenge really motivated me and kept me out there on the pavement. The medal is absolutely beautiful and a perfect keepsake!

This was my first challenge and when I saw it, as a huge Dracula fanatic, I had to have it!

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Go on a virtual journey alone or have fun with friends and family.

Get access to everything the Pacer app has to offer: a complete fitness and health tracker, guided video workouts, data analysis and more!

You choose when you start and how much time you have to complete the challenge to suit your schedule and fitness level.

You can play any sport you like. Walk, run, bike, wheelchair or any other distance based activity of your choice.

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The entry price includes access to the full digital experience for your chosen challenge and a finisher’s medal. Please note that additional tax may apply in some regions.

You don’t need to upgrade to a Pacer Premium membership, as the registration code you purchased unlocks everything you need for the challenge. When prompted on the “Premium Upsell” screen, it’s entirely up to you whether you skip it or upgrade.

Everywhere! That’s the point of being virtual, right? You can literally join us anywhere in the world and reach your goal and win a medal.

Any kind of distance-based exercise can be considered a challenge: walking, running, cycling, kayaking, wheelchair, or any other exercise you do. The Pacer app also allows for manual activity entry, so you can convert any sport into distance-based activities.

Juan Huamancayo And His Wife Isidora Put Some Flowers On The Grave Of Their Son At A Public Cemetery In Junin, Peru, Some 174 Miles (280 Km) East Of Lima, Wednesday, Nov

Anytime! Pacer Challenges are designed so that anyone can participate based on their schedule and fitness level. You can choose when you want to start the challenge and how long you have to complete it. During entry, you can adjust the duration up to 360 days.

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After payment, you will receive the registration code(s) by e-mail. Download the Pacer app and enter the code in the app on the welcome screen or home page and you will see your chosen challenge. Detailed instructions will also be included in the confirmation email you received. Interstate 280 (I-280) is a 17.85-mile (28.73 km) interstate highway in the U.S. state of New Jersey. Provides a spur from I-80 at Parsippany-Troy Hills, Morris County, east to Newark and I-95 (New Jersey Turnpike) at Kearny, Hudson County. At Kearny there is access to the Holland and Lincoln tunnels to New York. The western portion of the trail passes through suburban Morris and Essex counties and crosses the Watchung Mountains. As you reach The Oranges, the surrounding area becomes more urbanized, and I-280 runs along a low alignment before rising again in Newark. I-280 includes a vertical lift bridge, the William A. Stickle Memorial Bridge, over the Passaic River between Newark and East Newark/Harrison. The motorway is sometimes called the Essex Freeway. I-280 splits with several roads, including Gard State Parkway in East Orange and Route 21 in Newark.

The portion of former I-280 in Newark west of the Stickel Bridge was adopted as Route 25A in 1939, away from Route 25 (US Route 1/9 [US 1/9]), which would run from Jersey City west to Newark . This stretch of road would become Route 58 in 1953 (the Route 58 sign was removed in the 1990s). When the interstate highway system was planned, Route 3 was to become an interstate road. The New Jersey State Highway Department prioritized the Essex Freeway instead between I-80 in Parsippany-Troy Hills and I-95 in Kearny. The latter would become an interstate and be designated I-280. This road was built in the 1960s and completed west of Newark in 1973. The portion east of Newark to the New Jersey Turnpike opened in 1980. I-280 was once supposed to continue east to I-78 near the Holland Tunnel, but it was stretched never east of the New Jersey Turnpike. In 2000, the Stickel Bridge was reconstructed after the original structure was found to be structurally deficient.

I-280 begins at I-80 and US 46 in Parsippany-Troy Hills, Morris County, and heads southeast into a wooded area as a four-lane highway.

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The road reaches its first intersection with New Road before crossing the Whippany River into East Hanover Township.

The highway passes near some fields before returning to the woods to reach Roseland, Essex County, at the junction of the Passaic River.

At this point, the roadway widens to six lanes and runs near wooded suburbs, passing over the Morristown and Erie Railroad’s Whippany line before reaching CR 527 at another cloverleaf intersection.

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After this exit, the road turns onto West Orange and passes through Second Watchung Mountain in the clearing. Over the mountain, the road returns to suburban areas and reaches the exit to CR 636, where the highway widens to eight lanes and heads east to the intersection with CR 577. After CR 577, I-280 makes a sharp turn to the south and passes through the mountain of First Watchung in the second cut and continues again into the suburbs, going south-southeast as it splits at CR 660 and CR 508 Spur.

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The terrain becomes urban shortly after exit 10, where Orange is. Here, I-280 narrows back to six lanes and goes to a dropped, frequent overpass route that runs a short distance south of NJ Transit’s Morristown line.

The freeway continues into East Orange and passes under several streets as it runs along the Morristown line, runs south of the Brick Church station and interchanges with Harrison and Clinton streets. Near East Orange Station, I-280 comes to a perfect intersection with Gard State Parkway, which also has access to CR 509 and Oraton Parkway.

After crossing several city streets, the road reaches Exit 13, a left exit and a westbound ramp to and from 1st Street and an eastbound ramp to Orange Street.

At this point, the total number of lanes on the road is reduced from 10 to four, and eastbound I-280 runs up and over the exit 13 ramps, which in turn connect the westbound lanes on the bridge over 1st Street, Orange Street and Newark Light in the NJ Transit rail line . As the road returns to the surface and begins to parallel the NJ Transit Morris & Essex Lines and the Montclair-Boonton Line to the north, the defunct bridge will

Famous Swakopmund Lighthouse In Swakopmund, City On The Atlantic Coast Of Northwestern Namibia, 280 Km (175 Miles) West Of Windhoek, Namibia’s Capital Stock Photo

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