270 Km To Miles

270 Km To Miles – State Route 270 (SR 270), also known as Bodie Road, is a state highway in the U.S. state of California. It is a highway connecting US Route 395 south of Bridgeport, Mono County to Bodie County Historical Park.

The road connects US Route 395 to Bodie State Historic Park. About 3.5 miles into the park, home to a preserved ghost town, the road is unpaved and maintained by the California Department of Parks and Recreation (California State Parks) instead of Caltrans.

270 Km To Miles

A network of highways deemed essential to the country’s economy, safety and mobility by the Federal Highway Administration.

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With the exception of the letter prefix, as in 1964, postage miles on the road were measured based on alignment at the time and do not necessarily reflect carat miles. R reflects a reconstruction of the route from th, M indicates a second reconstruction, L indicates overlap due to correction or modification, and T indicates postmiles classified as temporary (for a complete list of prefixes, see California postmile § Official postmile definitions).

Sections not built or left to local control may be removed. Tire Road is in Mono County. Interstate 270 (I-270) is an 7 mile (11 km) auxiliary interstate highway located in the northeast portion of the Denver metropolitan area in the US state of Colorado. It’s the US for its tire size. Interstate 36 (US 36) straddles and is part of the Dwight D. Eishower Expressway which extends from I-270 and the Capital Beltway in Bethesda, Maryland to I-80/US 101 in San. Francisco, California.

The western terminus of I-270 is at the interchange with I-25 and US 36. It heads east to an interchange with I-76, resetting mile markers due to a previous motorway extension. The highway heads southeast and meets Vázquez Boulevard, where the commercial district is located. The route crosses Quebec Street before ringing onto I-70.

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Ground was broken on the first stretch of I-270 in 1965, and the freeway from I-70 to Vasquez Boulevard was completed three years later. Two years later, the road was extended to I-76. The section between I-25 and I-76 was completed in 1999. After completion, this section underwent extensive construction to realign the bridges over Clear Creek and Washington Street. Because west d of I-270 is near the junction of I-25 and I-76, some traffic movements to I-25 can only be made using I- 76.

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I-270 begins at an interchange with I-25 in Welby and coincides with US 36. The speed limit in the first section is 45 mph (72 km/h).

The freeway crosses Washington Street and State Highway 224 (SH 224) approximately one mile southeast, but one-way access is not provided. The mile markers along I-270 were reset to 0 at the I-76 interchange because that was the original west of the freeway.

Because the I-76 interchange is close to both the west of I-270 and the I-25/I-76 interchange, some traffic at the interchange is missing. Eastbound I-270 traffic cannot access westbound I-76, and eastbound I-76 traffic cannot access westbound I-270. However, traffic on I-25 can access both westbound I-76 and eastbound I-270, filling in the missing moves. The three exchanges work together eliminating bottlenecks caused by unnecessary exchanges.

The freeway heads southeast, exits west and joins an eastbound trans lane with York Street and crosses the South Platte River.

Interstate 270 (colorado)

Continuing through town, the road comes to a Cloverleaf interchange with Vasquez Boulevard, which carries US 6, US 85, and SH 2.

It has an exit at SH 35, which runs north along Quebec Street for one mile (1.6 km).

Quebec Street provides access to westbound I-70 traffic. The ds route soon merges with I-70.

Former location of Stapleton International Airport east of I-270. The I-270 interchange with I-70 may be on the left.

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The highway is maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

As part of this role, CDOT periodically surveys its highways to measure traffic volumes. This is expressed in terms of Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), which is a measure of traffic volume for any typical day of the year. In 2009, CDOT calculated that only 56,500 vehicles used I-270 daily east of the western terminus of I-25, and approximately 89,600 vehicles used I-270 daily southeast of York Street in Commerce City.

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The tire route is listed in the national road network, a road network important for the country’s economy, safety and mobility.

The Colorado Department of Highways originally planned to use a single number, I-25E, for the Dover East Loop section.

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After correspondence with the American Association of State Highway Officials, the designation was changed to I-225, and the north leg became I-425 in 1958.

The northern leg was rammed onto I-270 on February 26, 1959, following a request from the Colorado Department of Highways to reflect that I-80S (now I-76) would replace I-25 .

I-270 was built in phases, beginning with a section from I-70 to Vasquez Boulevard. Following this section is another section of freeway running west from Vasquez Boulevard to I-76 and finally a section from US 36 to I-76. This last section underwent much more construction, including new bridges and ramps at the interchanges.

It opened in 1968, connecting I-70 to Vasquez Boulevard. Two years later, another two-mile (3.2 km) segment connected the segment already in service to I-80S.

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Construction of the section between I-76 and I-25 began in April 1993 and was completed in September 1999, at a cost of $11.4 million ($17.7 million in 2021) .

The bridges along I-270 westbound on Washington Street were replaced and completed in the late 1990s, at a cost of $12 million ($22.3 million in 2021).

In 1998, the bridges over Clear Creek near the I-76 interchange were completed. In February 2000, a connection between westbound I-270 and westbound US 36 was completed.

The eastbound section between US 36 and I-76, including new bridges over Washington Street and Clear Creek, was completed in March 2002 at a total cost of $8.5 million ($12.4 million in 2021).

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Citing its importance as a freight corridor, in 2002 the Dver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) recommended widening I-270 from four to six lanes by 2025.

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He then identified the widening of I-270 and the reconstruction of the I-270/Vasquez Boulevard interchange in his 2040 Regional Transportation Plan to budget constraints.

CDOT was interested in widening the highway in the 2000s and 2010s, despite a lack of funding.

In October 2019, they listed the Study and Reconstruction of I-270 from I-76 and I-70 among the projects to receive funding from State Bill 17- 267; While the reform includes toll lanes, SB 17-267 would use the toll to offset unpaid costs.

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In early 2020, CDOT included the I-270 widening between I-76 and I-70 in the first phase of its 10-year vision projects.

High Performance Transportation, a CDOT business, ranked I-270 fourth among its best corridors for managed lanes, placing it three blocks behind I-25 in the Dver metro area.

CDOT began a study of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of I-270 in April 2020 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Exit to the east and trans to the west; Resets mileposts at this interchange (original western terminus of I-270); I-76 Exit 6.

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Half Cloverleaf Exchange; Exits are marked 2A (north) and 2B (south); No access from NB Vasquez Blvd. I-270 eastbound

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