25 Cups To Oz

25 Cups To Oz – Eliminate the need for a glass sleeve when serving with this optional 10 oz. Sleeveless bean print paper hot cup!

This option is a 10 oz. The sleeveless bean print paper hot coffee mug is perfect for your coffee shop, bistro, concession stand or kiosk, ensuring efficiency and minimizing waste. An innovative wavy wall on the outside of each cup keeps the surface warm to the touch, not as hot as comparable smooth-surfaced cups. Use this cup to hold coffee, cappuccinos and hot lattes. This mug is the perfect way to serve hot drinks to all your customers!

25 Cups To Oz

The exterior of each cup features a unique split wall design that eliminates the need for a matching cup sleeve or double cup to prevent burns. This flared wall also allows for a better grip, reducing the chance of the hot drink tube slipping or spilling from the cup. In addition, without the need for additional cups and sleeves, this wavy wall is an economical choice for everyday service, saving both money and storage space.

Cp10dx Dixie Clear Plastic Pete Cups, 10 Oz, Wisesize, 25/pack, 20 Packs/carton

For superior durability, this cup has a polyethylene coating on the inside of the cup to resist condensation build-up. This ensures the cup won’t sag for superior durability when you need it most. It also helps insulate hot drinks to keep them warmer.

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With a versatile bean print on the rim, this mug attracts travelers looking for your signature drink and entertains those already drinking. Keywords such as “macchiato”, “hot chocolate”, “cappuccino” and “café” combine with eye-catching graphics in various shades of brown to create an overall attractive presentation for each disposable cup.

The cup has a tightly rolled rim that ensures mess-free sipping and creates a tight and secure seal when used with a matching lid.

With a wide 10 oz. Capacity, this cup is just the right size for mid-day pick me up consumers.

Dixie Perfectouch Insulated Paper Hot Coffee Cups By Gp Pro

Tapered sides provide a comfortable grip and make it easy to grab and carry customers on the go.

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