240mph To Kmh

240mph To Kmh – When McLaren started developing Formula One in the early 1990s, the company never set out to build the fastest car in the world. However, that didn’t stop him from breaking the short-lived Jaguar XJ220 record of 217 mph.

Formula One first set the top speed record in 1993 with a top speed of 231 mph at the Nardo circuit in Italy, but McLaren didn’t. That’s why in 1998 the company hired Le Mans winner Andy Wallace to drive 5.4 miles of F1 straight to the Volkswagen Ehra-Lessien test site in Germany in search of a new speed record.

240mph To Kmh

As this new little document from McLaren shows, the whole effort has been amazing. The car was taken to the track in a supercar that correctly conveyed the mission to McLaren.

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Wallace, who now says he was “younger and dumber in those days,” jumped at the chance to drive F1 “quickly”. The car used for the record was McLaren’s fifth test model, or XP5 in McLaren parlance, which was five years old at the time.

On his first run, Wallace hit 388 km/h (241.1 mph), but he knew the car had something to show. He asked the artists to do more refinement and hit the road again. With the rev limiter removed, it reached 391 km/h (242.956 mph) and stopped there.

The speed record between the two speeds is calculated sequentially with wind, so McLaren’s official speed record is 240.1 mph. This record was broken by the Bugatti Veyron and others, but the F1 was the fastest production car ever made. It is doubtful that any new machine can surpass it.

Wallace isn’t that bad at all of this, but if you have a resume like his, you probably will.

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Another fun McLaren F1 fact: During this high-speed run, Wallace shifted into sixth gear at 199 mph. Like you need a reminder that the McLaren F1 is like no other.

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A car enthusiast from a young age, Chris Perkins is a road engineer and Porsche enthusiast. He came to work in 2016, and since then no one has found a way to fire him. He parked a Porsche Boxster on the street in Brooklyn, New York, which shocked everyone who saw the car, not least the author himself. He also insists that he does not have a convertible even though he has three.

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EV West is a California based company that makes electric vehicle conversions and everything related to battery powered vehicles in every shape and form. What he doesn’t do is build cars that can break land speed records. Well, that statement was true, but not since August 13th.

The day before, the team successfully completed a run at an average speed of 217 miles per hour (349 km/h) over the flying mile. Since the previous record for the SCTA 2/E class was 213 mph (343 km/h), all the team needed was to go back at an average speed of at least 210 mph (338 km/h) to set the record .

Since the qualifiers kept the team in the room, they have to wait until the next day for a major move. Luckily for EV West and everyone involved, the Tesla-powered Electraliner took off and achieved the best result: 219 mph (352 km/h) at an average speed of 218.2 mph (351.15 km/h), 5.2 mph (more than 8 km/h). . more than the previous record set since 1997.

Feeling that there was more to be gained from the car, EV West’s Michael Brim decided to try again before heading home. The driver decided that he had enough for one day and refused to go further. However, one of the SCTA technicians who went out to put out the fire in another car was Jim Hoogerhyde.

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Jim is the land speed record holder for electric motorcycles.

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