225 Kmh To Mph

225 Kmh To Mph – One of the most common complaints about the GT4 was the long gear ratio. This is especially true on courses where it takes quite a while to run through the power curve, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a course anywhere in the world that will use 6th gear. Factory final drive is rated at 201 mph, which sacrifices acceleration curve intensity and leaves us with a GT4 that’s nowhere near as quick or responsive as it can be on the track, and nowhere near as exciting. As we would like. on the street.

We spent over 18 months researching and developing a new crown ring and gear to shorten the final drive. Our new ratio is 19% shorter, so the final drive is reduced from 3.89 to 4.62. The new ratios are now perfectly suited for track use and much more exciting for street driving. The new, shorter final drive is much more responsive and feels like an extra 50 horsepower is available.

225 Kmh To Mph

When Porsche released the latest GT3 manual car (997.2), the gear ratio in the RS was reduced by 13% (from 3.44 to 3.89). Why? Simply to improve acceleration and performance on track, which contributed to the RS’s 7-second improvement over the GT3 at the Nürburgring. A 19% reduction in the GT4’s final gearing (from 3.89 to 4.62) will have a similar effect on the GT4’s performance, improving 0-60 times by around 4/10ths of a second and improving lap times for most longer/faster American trucks. At least one second. As an example, the top speed of the GT4 with the 4.62 gearing will be 2-3 mph faster than the Sebring and only 2-3 mph behind the top speed of the more powerful 997.2 GT3 RS . Almost all of the 2-3 mph boost occurs at the point of initial acceleration, i.e. coming out of turn 16 onto the back straight. This boost (the advantage) is maintained for most of the back straight until the 4.62 Gear ratio GT4 moves into 6th position where there is an additional small boost over the regular ratio GT4.Chart 1 compares the thrust and speed of a 997.2 GT3 RS and a GT4 with our 4.62 gearing and bolt-ons (about 40 hp gain). The second set of charts compares the thrust and speed of the 4.62 GT4 to the 3.89 standard ratio GT4. In this example, both cars have the same power boost. What can we learn from studying these charts? First, let’s compare the GT4 to The 4.62-ratio GT3 RS The GT4 will now be slightly quicker from 0-60 than the RS, although the RS has a horsepower advantage (450 hp) and the GT4 will still be a fraction at 90 mph. After that, the RS’s extra horsepower allows it to pull ahead a bit, and by the time it gets to 150 mph, it’s 2-3 mph. Faster than the 4.62-geared GT4, compared to 4-5 mph. Is faster than a standard-guide. GT4. How was this achieved? The GT3 RS accelerates from 90-150 mph in three gears, the GT4 now in four gears. The additional gear and shorter ratios allow the GT4 to maintain almost the same top speed and thrust as the more powerful GT3 RS up to 150 mph. As speed increases beyond that, the RS’s additional horsepower allows it to gain a greater advantage. The second set of charts compares the thrust and speed of the GT4’s 4.62 gearing to the standard 3.89 gearing, both with the same bolt-on. As you can see in the charts, the 4.62 gear ratio GT4 will have a noticeably faster 0-60 time. There will also be an additional boost in the acceleration range from 75-110 mph, which is the critical acceleration range in most slower corners. This allows the shorter gear car to pull out 1-2 car lengths, which it maintains within the length of the straight. Through gradual improvements coming out of corners, a car with a shorter gear ratio is able to improve its overall lap time. Between 110 mph and 145 mph, forward thrust is almost equal. Above 145 mph, the shorter final drive car has a slight edge. This not only equates to a faster GT4, but a more attractive and fun to drive 🙂

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Changing Kph To Mph?

Changing and adjusting the crown ring and pinion correctly can be challenging and requires special experience. To maintain the 12 month product warranty, we have contracted with one of the leading US manufacturers. it. Porsche Transmission Specialists, BMC & G in Ohio, to install and ship the transmission.

Price $2598 (new crown ring and pinion only) Reinforced 3rd gear and more 6th gear available on request Place order

Until we are set up for e-commerce, we will efficiently take your order through our contact details below. We would also like to take the time to learn a little more about you, your goals, and offer our recommendations to achieve them and maximize your driving experience. With a few exceptions, if we’re off course or taking a nap, they’re available 🙂 Shootusa call, text or email 24/7!

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