22 Km To Miles

22 Km To Miles – Our pace charts show the time a given pace will yield for six combined race distances: 5km, 5miles, 10km, 10miles, half marathon and marathon. Graphs like this one are a great way to see what speed you’ll need on average for a target time.

For example, if you’re aiming for a 5k under 20 minutes, you can easily see that you’ll need to run 4:00 per mile or faster according to the chart below. If you know this pace, you can structure your training accordingly to reach your goal. (Find more speed charts based on minutes per mile or minutes per kilometer.)

22 Km To Miles

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2022 New York City Marathon FAQ Try the Age Rating Calculator Your Age Rating Guide Why Slowing Down Can Help You Go Faster (Really!) I’m American, and the only reason I have a vague idea how far a mile is is because I run too.

I quickly learned how far some common distances are in kilometers and miles. A 5k is about 3.1 miles, a 10k is about 6.2 miles, a half marathon is about 21km and a full marathon is about 42km. These are common ethnic spaces all over the world. You might see the 5- or 10-mile singletrack thrown in there, but in general, Americans also like to race in the rain.

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I run a lot on the treadmill. It’s winter where I live, and snow and ice have been covering the ground for months. It’s gotten looser with age, I’ll admit, but I prefer running indoors these days. I’ve talked before about using a virtual platform, Zwift, almost to “run” with others from my secure basement. The community aspect is a key part of what makes treadmill running so much fun.

While running, friends often talk to each other to try and form groups based on speed. I found myself reaching for my phone to use my calculator, or working on some arcane mental math while trying not to fall off the treadmill.

So I created a printable conversion chart and taped it to my treadmill. It makes it easy to guess how many miles/km I should be running, an idea of ​​my pace, and it allows me to compare oranges and apples without resorting to a calculator.

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For distances, I only used whole kilometers and whole kilometers. Adding too many spaces will cause it to hold too much information, making it cluttered with data and useless to glance at at runtime. You can estimate numbers in between using the graph as follows…

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