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21k In Miles – Going from couch potato to half marathon ready is a big journey and takes a lot of time, effort and practice!

Training for a half marathon can be fun and have positive effects for the rest of your life—like increased energy levels, weight loss, improved mood, and a fresh perspective.

21k In Miles

What’s more, it’s a journey you can break into smaller chunks – no need to treat it as one big challenge.

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In this article, I’ll walk you through the parts of building a good half marathon training schedule, including:

And at the end of the post, I share our Couch to Half Marathon Training Plan – free to download and customize!

If the half-marathon distance sounds a bit daunting, jump into our 10k training plan with the Couch – you can always add a half-marathon goal at the end!

Not sure if this is the plan for you? – Check out some of our other half marathon training plans.

How Many Miles Is A 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon And Marathon?

By using the training plan I share later in this post, you’ll see how there are specific milestones to reach – for example, running a 10k. If you follow the training plan consistently with no breaks in between, it will take about 15 weeks to go from couch potato to half marathon.

Route – We will gradually increase your weekly mileage and train more as you go, allowing your body to adapt.

It certainly helps to build on existing fitness from other sports or simply being an active person.

Ideally, you should already be running for at least 5 minutes continuously. However, our training plan starts with walk/run sessions where you run and walk a bit. In this way, you can gradually build up the ability to run consistently.

How To Run A Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon + Training Plan

The secret to going from sitting on the couch to finishing a half marathon is to stay disciplined and structured. Avoid biting off more than you can chew in the beginning, and gradually increase your mileage and exercise intensity.

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Many new runners start running and approach their half marathon haphazardly – ​​go to a few training sessions, grab some energy gels, and hit the starting line.

By the time they reach the finish line, they are more likely to get injured, tired, or give up during training.

If you want to get the most out of your half marathon experience, you need to approach the training and preparation process properly.

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This means you’re much more likely to finish your half marathon without injury, without getting sick from the process – and actually enjoy the ride!

For example, in a 30-minute running workout, you might consider running for 2 minutes and walking for 1 minute. Repeating this pattern 10 times will get you up to 30 minutes.

As training progresses, you should aim to increase running time and decrease walking until you are consistently running.

Our training plan at the bottom of this post includes running/walking workouts for the first 4 weeks, gradually building you up to steady running.

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Side note: Some half-marathoners and even full-marathoners take a run/walk approach to their races – they can post surprisingly fast times by taking planned walking breaks throughout the course because their bodies aren’t under as much stress.

Trying to run in worn-out shoes or the wrong gear won’t work – in fact, the wrong shoes can lead to injury and stop your half-marathon just as you’re starting.

So do yourself a favor and invest in the right running gear. Go to a reputable running store and get yourself a good pair of running shoes, a few pairs of socks, shorts and a shirt.

I also recommend investing in a decent running vest (to hide all your goodies when you’re on a long run) and – more importantly – a GPS device.

Best Marathon Training Schedules For Runners!

A good GPS running watch – whether it’s a Garmin or your Apple Watch – is essential for logging your workouts as well as tracking your pace as you run – something that’s especially important during your half marathon.

It’s too soon to worry about it—your body needs to adjust to the physical motion of running and the number of miles you’re adding before you even think about speed.

And with the amount of physical training you do, your body is already under a good amount of stress. No need to push it too hard by trying to go faster – and risk injury.

In other words, speed will come naturally if you focus on running well and gradually increase your distance.

Couch To Half Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide And Training Plan

Once you’re an established runner, you can start to consider speed work like fartlex and interval training, but for now, focus on building distance, not speed. It doesn’t pay to get caught up in a target finish time and try to outrun your friends—at least not for your first half marathon.

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You want to run at a sustained conversational pace—in other words, the speed at which you can talk to a friend without getting choked up. You can call it 3 or 4 out of 10 depending on the perceived effort.

That way, your body gets used to running and you should be able to sustain longer and longer runs.

You want to do your long runs at a nice and slow, relaxed pace. Don’t think about speed – think of it as a run or an effort, your goal is simply to keep going – don’t worry about speed at all.

Train For A Half Marathon By Running 3 Days A Week

If your schedule gets a little crazy, feel free to drop other workouts — but try to keep a long run in the mix — it’s definitely the most important run you’ll do on your couch every week until the half marathon.

A good runner knows how important it is to focus on recovery – especially when following a grueling training schedule.

When you’re doing multiple runs a week, you want to do everything you can to recover quickly—otherwise, you’ll be running on tired legs quickly, and fatigue can worsen, leading to burnout and injury.

– Don’t over train – If your legs hurt for two days in a row, take a break from training

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For your Sunday long run, you’ll want to eat a large snack or breakfast an hour before your run. This might include a bagel with peanut butter or an omelet with vegetables and cheese.

Once you’ve been running for more than 60-75 minutes, you’ll also want to start fueling during the run to make sure you’re not shaking. Experiment with other snacks like energy gels and Clif Blocks or trail mix, nut butters and fruit. Keeping those carbohydrate stores full is important!

When it comes to diet, you may want to consider sticking to whole foods and avoiding highly processed processed foods — as the latter are harder for the body to break down.

You may be surprised to learn that your half marathon training should peak 2 weeks before your race.

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In other words, your longest long run should be exactly 14 days ago – after that you gradually slow down your training.

This taper is called a half marathon taper. The idea is to decrease your training volume while maintaining the same mileage.

Your taper gives your body a little break and allows the micro-tears in the muscles to heal. This means that by race day, your body will be well-rested and ready, primed for success.

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Couching’s number one predictor of half marathon success (in my humble opinion, as a coach to thousands of runners) is how well you follow your training plan.

Week Half Marathon Training Plan (with Pdf)

Time and time again, I find that runners who are disciplined and follow their training plan are much more likely to complete their training and achieve success on race day.

Runners who neglect training are more likely to drop out – if they make it to their race, there’s a good chance they’ll crash and burn out.

Remember that it’s perfectly fine to take breaks from your training plan or change it to fit your life – after all, we all have injuries, illnesses and other commitments.

Our Couch to Half Marathon training plan is structured in such a way that you can choose to complete it in 3 parts:

Half & Full Trail Marathon Training Plans

My recommendation is to take your training plan block by block – once you’ve completed a block, you can choose to progress straight to the next block or take a few weeks to consolidate your progress.

If you’d like to download the entire design in PDF and Google Sheets (or MS Excel) format that you can customize for free, scroll down!

My Couch to 5k training plan is 4 weeks long; It starts gently and sets you up for a 5k run by the end of the month.

There are no more walking/running workouts in this training plan – just workouts that you should be able to run without stopping. If you are struggling, take a break

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