200mph Kmh

200mph Kmh – A Tesla Model S Plaid hacked to remove software restrictions delivered on Tesla’s promise by achieving a top speed of over 200 mph for the first time.

When Tesla first announced its new flagship high-performance electric vehicle, the Model S Plaid, it promised a top speed of 200 mph (322 km/h). However, when first delivered last year, the vehicle had a top speed of “only” 163 mph (262 km/h).

200mph Kmh

Earlier this year, Tesla introduced a new “Follow Mode” for the Model S Plaid that increased its top speed to 175 mph (282 km/h).

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To the best of our knowledge, this was the highest speed ever achieved by a Tesla Model S Plaid or any Tesla vehicle. It’s unclear what’s stopping Tesla from allowing its promised top speed of 200 mph. It could be the brakes, which Tesla is currently offering to upgrade to a $20,000 carbon-ceramic kit, or concerns about three motors or battery packs.

What’s clear now is that Tesla wasn’t lying this morning that the Model S Plaid could go 200 mph.

Ingenext, a Quebec-based company best known for selling modules that help unlock software locks in Tesla vehicles, has overcome the Model S Plaid’s software limitations to fully unlock its top speed.

This morning, Ingenext CEO Guillaume André attempted to break the top speed record at Trois-Rivières Airport in Quebec, Canada in a hacked Model S Plaid.

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The Ingenext team attempted to reach 200 mph with their vehicle before anyone else, but there was literally not enough room to reach that speed safely. Trois-Rivières Airport has a ~3 km (1.8 mile) long runway that is perfect for testing. They briefly closed the track for André to try.

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Ingenext’s Model S Plaid is essentially a production car, except for larger Mountainpass Performance brakes and high-performance tires (Michelin Pilot Super Sport), primarily for safety reasons.

André had about 1.2 miles (2 km) to reach top speed to start decelerating from around 6,000 feet in his Tesla Model S Plaid, and it turns out he needed just about that far even with the best brakes, but the attempt was successful. .

Not only did they deliver on Tesla’s promise for the Model S Plaid by reaching a top speed of 200 mph, but the electric car reached a top speed of 216 mph (348 km/h).

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The sound was the craziest. It sounded like a jet taking off right in front of us, but no, it was just a family sedan going 216 mph. It’s also the loudest I’ve heard from Tesla’s cooling system trying to cool all three motors and the battery pack.

It’s the first time a Tesla vehicle has reached a top speed of 216 mph, and it’s probably the first time a production electric vehicle has reached that speed. We also think it’s important to note that while the Model S Plaid has hypercar-like performance, it’s still a four-door family sedan.

For now, it’s the only Model S Plaid with unlocked features, but Ingenext plans to bring modules and other features with unlocked features to the public soon.

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