180mph To Kph

180mph To Kph – Description VERY IMPORTANT (MUST READ). How to choose the correct Speedo dial for your model: Find the correct MPH scale to match your KMH scale. To do this, it is easier to focus on the smaller inner KMH scale on our watch face. For example, if the top speed on your original dial is 240 KMH, look for 240 KMH as the top speed on our internal scale, and if the top vertical position (“12 o’clock”) is 100 KMH on yours, look for 100 KMH on the inner shell on our dial. Information symbols (also very important): In the center of the dials there are many small information symbols (seat belt, ABS, battery, engine, etc.) that must match. Check out our photos above to check it out. These photos were taken with the dials on a light box so that all the information symbols are visible. These symbols should match those on your original dials. Helpful Hint: It is not possible to make all your symbols light up by turning on the ignition, but if you shine a bright flashlight on your dials it is possible to see a faint outline of the symbols, especially if can you tell by looking at our picture what the symbol is likely to be. A note on our Golf Mk6 dials: Around the perimeter of the original dials fitted to the Golf Mk6 is a small raised bezel (most people don’t notice). The dials we supply are flat, so if it is important to you that the Speedo and Rev dials match, you will also need to purchase a Rev Counter. If matching watch faces is not important to you, simply fitting a Speedo watch face will still pass the required regulatory tests. Purchase: Once you have determined that the speedometer is correct, you can either; buy it as a single dial (£59.00), or if you want a tachometer too, click on the drop-down menu (labelled ‘Optional tachometer’). Both diesel and petrol dials are numbered. Clicking on it individually will bring up the image for you to check (don’t forget to confirm the info symbols as described above). If you choose a rev counter there is an additional charge of £5 (£64.00 for both dials).

But to make sure this is the right conversion button you need, compare the dials in your vehicle with the image(s) above, pay special attention to the speed and check all the details below.

180mph To Kph

With this conversion, the odometer (distance travelled) will continue to show kilometers (there is no legal obligation to convert this)

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Mercedes C43 Amg 180mph Kmh To Mph Conversion Dial For Imported Vehicle. Part No. C1990dot

Government transport authorities require speed displays to be visible in daylight and when illuminated at night. Markings must be accurate and durable. Our new dials meet these standards and legal requirements. Cheaper options such as plastic stickers and paper overlays do not meet these legal requirements.

Illumination: Like the original dials, the letters, numbers and graduations etc. on these dials are printed with specialist translucent inks. They illuminate in the same way as the original dials, using the existing lights in the cluster.

Information symbols: Many dials have small information symbols in the dial (eg oil, battery, brake lights, seat belt, airbag, etc.). Each symbol is normally not visible until it is activated and illuminated. In cases where watch faces contain these symbols, we provide an image to show them (the picture was taken with a lamp behind the watch face to illuminate all the symbols). If your watch face has these symbols, check that they match the symbols in our image. (If symbols are not shown in the image above, click for more images).

This dial is made from industry standard materials; including a polycarbonate substrate and printed to a high standard with the highest quality inks. We guarantee that our dials will not warp or crack and that the ink will not discolour, fade, peel or bubble (as happens with cheaper alternatives).

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We have a long history of supplying conversion dials to the vast majority of automotive professionals.

All our dials are manufactured from an original reference dial and are suitable for the named model. Vehicle manufacturers change their designs from time to time, so it is your responsibility to check carefully that all details are correct for your model variant.

Click on the following link for general information on converting watch faces for imported/exported vehicles: Watch faces for imported vehicles

If you are still unsure after comparing the dials, please send us a good quality daylight photo of the dials in your vehicle with as much detail visible as possible. If your watch faces have information symbols in the watch faces, e.g. oil, battery, brake lights, seat belt, airbag etc try to show as much of this as possible. Then we will advise you. Send pictures to: info@.

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Kph To Mph Tv Guide For Us Fans

We are available for questions Monday through Thursday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and on Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Call +44 (0)113 2440070. Or ask your question via our contact form

Trade Customers: Trade discount qualification can be applied to the 3rd order (or to an initial order of 3 dial panels). All orders after that may qualify for the trade discount. Universal GPS Speedometer (ST3803) from Stack®. Diameter: 88mm. Speedometer range: 180 MPH / 280 KPH. Stack Professional GPS speedometers use the latest satellite signal technology to simplify equipment installation and accurately record vehicle speeds. The included high-speed (10 Hz) omnidirectional micro-antenna provides exceptional mounting options and eliminates the need for recalibration associated with conventional speedometers when adjusting vehicle acceleration or wheel circumference. An internal configurable digital LED display shows odometer, trip odometer, time/date, location coordinates, heading data, compass, top speed reminder and performance meter acceleration and braking tests.

This STACK product is professionally and carefully designed to provide the superior durability you are looking for. The company does not accept compromises in terms of quality, so you can be completely confident that this product is second to none. It is manufactured from premium materials to ensure excellent reliability. This STACK product offers efficient and worry-free service for many years, making it the perfect option for your ultimate satisfaction.

Stack® is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation, data and video recording systems, as well as wireless sensors for motorsports and many other demanding environments. The company has supplied thousands of competitors worldwide and the full spectrum of racing series. In addition, Stack has supplied the automotive testing industry and a number of small car manufacturers, including Caterham, Westfield, Lotus, Yamaha, Honda and Koenigsegg. The company’s current product range includes tachometers, integrated driver display systems, standalone or integrated modular data logging systems, video and data overlays, powerful data analysis software and much more. Stack’s philosophy is to be at the forefront of using new technologies to provide the best possible product to its customers. All the products offered by the company are guaranteed to provide excellent performance for years to come.

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Stack warrants new equipment to be free from defects caused by faulty materials or poor workmanship for a period from the date of shipment prior to work:

Stack warrants workmanship and new parts on repaired equipment for ninety days from the date of shipment from the factory.

In any event, Stack’s liability under this warranty is limited to replacement, repair or, at its option, the extension of credit for any part of the equipment shipped by the purchaser as set out above, and to the return of the part repaired or replaced to the supplier. buyer.

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Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void a vehicle’s warranty due to an aftermarket part unless it can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure of the vehicle (under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)) More of information

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Golf Mk6 180mph / 280kmh Kmh To Mph Conversion Dial For Imported Vehicle. Part No. C410

Most of us don’t own a Bugatti Chiron, a car whose top speed is around 300 mph. Chances are the minivan or sedan in your driveway only claims to go 140 or 160 mph.

But even if you take that family route down, it’s unlikely you’ll get much over 100 when you leave

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