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165 Km To Miles – MIAMI (AP) — Tropical Storm Ana’s early-morning surprise as it barreled toward the Carolinas threatened to bring dangerous surf and heavy rain to the Southeast coast weeks before its official departure. Competitions appear and intensify. Atlantic hurricane season

Anna’s center was about 115 miles south of Wilmington, North Carolina, and about 100 miles southeast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at 8 a.m., according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami. The storm had sustained winds of 60 mph (95 km/h).

165 Km To Miles

Ana was moving at 5 mph (7 km/h) on a forecast track that is expected to bring it “very close” to the South and North Carolina coasts Sunday morning.

A Man Mucks Around In The Mud During The Annual Somogybabod International Off Road Festival In Somogybabod, 165 Km (102 Miles) Southwest Of Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, May 23, 2010. Environmentalists Call To

The biggest threat from the first tropical storm of the Atlantic season appears to be surf and tides, although isolated flooding in some coastal areas is also a concern, said hurricane specialist Stacey Stewart. Although the season doesn’t officially start until June 1, he told The Associated Press that such surprising early storms every few years are not that unusual.

Stewart cited two storms that occurred twice in 2012, two primary tropical storms, Alberto and Brill. It was highly unusual for two hurricanes to occur before the normal start of the hurricane season; One is not so unusual.

Anna is the first subtropical or tropical storm to form in the Atlantic Ocean since another storm, Anna, formed in 2003, the hurricane center said in an earlier tweet. The Atlantic season officially runs from June 1 to November 30, which experts consider the most likely period for tropical activity in the ocean basin.

Stewart said Ana emerged from a subtropical system, meaning it initially had the characteristics of a tropical storm — which draws its energy from warm ocean water — and a traditional storm system, created by normal temperature changes in colder air at the start of the season. before. you can get.

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Despite Anna’s initial appearance, she warned that swimmers and surfers should stay out of the water due to rough surf and dangerous tides. He added that people watching the surf from docks and piers should be careful because of the waves created by the storm.

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“The biggest danger is rough waves and rip currents. We just don’t want people swimming in the water. We especially don’t want surfers surfing. If they go under, they can be swept out to sea.” Stewart added.

A tropical storm warning extends from the Santee River in South Carolina to Cape Lookout in North Carolina, with 1 to 3 inches of rainfall expected over a wide area, with up to 5 inches in some outlying areas, the center said. He also said the storm could push water 1 to 2 meters above normal elevation levels and cause localized flooding.

There was also a tropical storm watch at Edisto Beach, South Carolina, south of the South Santee River.

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A tropical storm warning means that somewhere in the warning area, in the case of Anna, tropical storm conditions are expected within 12-24 hours, the center said. A tropical storm watch means that tropical storm conditions may occur in the observation area within 24 hours.

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Flat earthers claim that the periscope can see very distant objects and thereby “prove” that the earth is flat. In reality, everything is compatible with a spherical earth. A 50 m (165 ft) ship can be seen 25 km (15.5 mi) away, weather permitting, with the periscope 2 m (7 ft) above the surface.

Many of the flat earth claims for periscopes are based on the range of World War II torpedoes. The maximum range of the Japanese type 93 torpedo is 40 km. Then the flat earthers claim that a periscope should see more than 40 km. They did not realize that the Type 93 torpedoes were ship-based and were not launched from submarines. Warships have tall masts and can see much further into the curvature of the Earth than submarine periscopes.

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The submarine-based torpedoes of the time had a much shorter range. For example, the US Navy’s Mark 14 torpedo has a maximum range of 8 km, which is within periscope line of sight. Modern torpedoes can have a longer range because they have other targeting methods besides visual targeting. They are not to be considered a reference to the maximum field of view of the periscope.U.S. Route 165 is a north-south US freeway on US 65. The route currently runs 412 miles (663 km) north of US Route 90 in Iowa, Louisiana to US 70 in North Little Rock, Arkansas. This route goes through the states of Arkansas and Louisiana. It passes through the cities of Monroe and Alexandria in Louisiana. A portion of US 165 serves as a route for the Great River Road in Arkansas.

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From its southern Iowa terminus at US 90 (near Lake Charles), US 165 takes a north-south diagonal route through the casino town of Kinder, where US 190 intersects. South of Alexandria, it merges with US 71 and joins. Through the west side of town across the Red River to Pineville. A new four-lane bridge (two lanes in each direction) is being built next to the old OK All Bridge (aptly named Fort Bohlo Bridge) and will open in mid-2013. At that time, US 165 will be fully four lanes for most of its route in Louisiana. There, two highways, US 167 and US 71, intersect with US 165. It passes through the Kisachi National Forest, and the rest of the highway to Monroe consists of forested areas, farmland, and small towns. Crossing I-20 in Monroe, the highway’s largest city, it heads toward Bastrop and crosses the Arkansas line a few miles north of town. According to the Louisiana DOT TIMED project, US 165 is now a four-lane divided highway between Iowa and Bastrop. US 165 passes near three federal prisons: USP Oakdale and two near Pollock. Also, near Oakdale are the ruins of Camp Claiborne, an abandoned World War II military outpost.

US 165 passes through lakes and marshes before intersecting highways 52 and 173 in the city. Further north, in Parkdale, it intersects Highway 8 and Highway 209. In Portland, US 165 intersects with Interstate 160 before turning into Montrose. In southern Montrose, US 165 passes under US Route 82 and intersects with US 82 Business (US 82B) in downtown Montrose. US 165 heads north near the Cut-off Creek Wildlife Management Area into Drew County. US 165 serves only the southeast corner of the county and passes through Jerome near Jerome Elementary School #22.

The trail splits from US 65 at Peaks Avenue, and Highway 277 shoots east of Cypress Creek.

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It forms a northern coincidence with highway 1 for 40.22 km, starting from the return gate. US 165/AR 1 intersects Highway 212 before crossing the Arkansas River at the Pdleton Bridge.

After passing through Arkansas County, the route A.M. Bohnert Rice Plantation Pump#2 and cultivated farmland before meeting US 165B in Gillette.

US 165/AR 1 continues north to De Witt, AR 1 to the east, and US 165 to the west. The route meets Highway 11 at Eldridge Corner, after which US 165 turns north.

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This section of US 165 was formerly AR 11 and is partially preserved by the National Register of Historic Places as Old AR 11 – Kauffman Road. The route leads from Stuttgart after the intersection of 22nd Street. US 165 passes through the eastern edge of the city as Park Avue before turning west to intersect US 63 and ter Prairie County. The route has only one intersection, Highway 343, 2.9 miles (4.7 km) into the county.

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Next route in Lonoke County. Now in the Little Rock metro area, the route serves the southern part of the county with many rural connections. Along its route, the route passes west through Humnoke, Allport, Coy (all with a population of less than 300 in 2010) and intersects highways 13 and 31 before the junction. US 165 turns northeast after the intersection with Highway 256 in Ghade.

US 165 passes through the Keo Commercial Historic District and later the Toltec Mounds Archaeological State Park before entering Pulaski County.

The route intersects I-440 north of Little Rock and ends at Broadway Avenue (US 70).

The Great River Road is designated as a National Science Trail in the state of Arkansas. Established in 1938, the route is actually a series of roads connecting Canada and the Gulf of Mexico along the Mississippi River. Section of US 165 from the beginning of its concurrency with US 65 near Dermott

A View Of The Ar Rujban Checkpoint, About 165 Km (102.5 Miles) Southwest Of Tripoli May 29, 2011.reuters/youssef Boudlal (libya

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