160km To Miles

160km To Miles – The Calder Divide Trail is a long-distance ring road that links the old network along the River Calder in West Yorkshire.

The water surface of the caldera is not a fixed line permanently marked on the map It is a vast subdivision that divides the rivers into the mountains of the highlands In this corner of Yorkshire, water shelters are rarely crossed by roads, bridges, roads and greenways carved into the landscape over the past 700 years as farmers, workers and traders go about their daily lives.

160km To Miles

You can walk to explore this diverse landscape In total, there are six route options along the Calder Divide:

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There are 145 miles of trails open to walking, walking or walking in any direction from any starting point. This road is best described as ‘two halfway roads’

The west side towards Todmorden is on bridleways and paths that lead through open grasslands and steep valleys perfect for mtb. The east side of Castleford is on greenways with no traffic, small country lanes, lanes and flood plains, perfect for gravel bikes.

Over the two-day weekend event, the route shown below is a ‘black’ class mtb route which joins the HQ event with drops at Wirla Common and Rodwell & Mtholmroyd.

GPX of 145 miles CDT ——————– GPX of 145 miles CDT ———— ——

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The next multi-day cycling event will take place between 16 and 17 September 2023 There are 5 route options for weekend cyclists, each along the river, but do so using different routes. Every road passes through Shepley, where the village of Campati is located

The term “watershed” was originally a geographic term that described the edge of land that drains rainwater into streams and runs into a river that drains to the ocean. Since then, water has become a dividing line

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The water level of the river Calder is very high It’s a wild place Scenes that are green Crimsworth Dean with National Trust-owned oak forest shortcuts, South Washlands with gravel paths between alder, sedges and willows growing by the river and Wirla Common with Packers’ Trail between high store walls and heather clad moors.

Two of the five lanes in the weekend event are named after the main crossing The first on the Pennine Swamp to the west and the second on the Calder River to the east

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Each lane is categorized by the color scheme used on the trail: ‘blue’ medium, ‘red’ hard and ‘black’ heavy.

Any of the five routes listed above can be ridden on a gravel or mountain bike, but if in doubt, follow the guide that attracts many riders. Each road is about 70% ‘off road’

The page titled ‘CDT 2023’ contains detailed information about each route, including maps, profiles, elevations, photos and detailed route descriptions. Briefly, the path is:

Highlights include: Crimsworth Dean, Bob’s Tears, Spain Valley Greenway, Coxley Valley, Wesden Valley, Pithorn Valley, Heights Lane, London Road.

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Highlights include: Crimsworth Dean, Shackleton, Midgley Moor, Judy’s Wood, Millennium Bridge, Coxley Valley, Wesden Valley, Marsden Moor, Watergrove, Naz Lane, Flower Scar Moor and Wirla Common.

272 km / 170 miles and 4,350 meters / 14,200 feet of climbing. ‘Red’ GRAVEL or MTB

Highlights include: Spencer Lane, London Road, Ringing Hut Hill, Watergrove, Fall Claw Lane, Oxenhope Moor, Top of the Stairs, Theveley Pike, Spain Valley Greenway, Millennium Bridge, South Washland, Bretton Hall Park, Wesden Valley, Diggle, Chelburne Moor , Collis Wood

Two ‘blue’ roads – one gravel, one meter – covered in stone, grass and gravel using a bridged road. Both ‘blue’ lanes also cover 14 miles of greenway, with no through traffic, smooth roads and sections of road with water bars, cattle lanes and stream crossings.

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Some railways have ‘off road’ ups and downs and long stretches, for example the Wesden valley with open gravel and rock, but there is always the ‘cycling’ option. After all, it’s a bike path!

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Some of the roads on the ‘red’ roads are well maintained, for example, bullock-cart roads, deep roads, through washland areas and green roads, but many other roads are not maintained but remain. From winter rain and snow,

In addition, 202 km and 272 km of roads pass through remote areas and agricultural roads There is a well-established ‘rule of thumb’ where two miles of road is counted This is especially true when driving a CDT

The 235km/146-mile trail is classified as a “black” mountain bike trail as it crosses six remote Pennine plains with a long trail, steep, rocky slopes and descents. Sharp In addition, it is 4,000 meters high, in very steep terrain with mostly bare surfaces Gravel wheels can withstand such conditions, but riding is very difficult

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There are three technical and steep long lanes, 120 miles on the ‘black’ MTB lane They are Naz Lane, Wirla Common and Rodwell species A 15-minute film (link above) titled ‘A Bikepacking Adventure in Yorkshire’ shows the full video of the first two ‘black’ grade reproductions.

The ‘Black’ MTB is the ‘original’ Calder Divide trail, which has been converted into five different lanes for different riders.

The driveway is an open access road wide enough for a farm tractor and paved with gravel and soil. On both GRAVEL lanes, they are well-maintained, as seen in the video clip below, along the wooden pavement to Jack Bridge and to Springs Road. Several bridges were opened across the two-lane MTB road and the weather hit the lowlands, where the road had deep bumps, huge falls and loose rocks.

The road is paved with cobblestone or flagstone In the 1600s, wool traders needed a rough road to bring ‘horse trains’ with valuable goods to market, and spent good money laying the track over the pastures. The Calder Divide Trail connects miles of these rugged Yorkshire trails

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Some of the trails are new, for example, the rocks on Marsden Moor (shown below), which are the main sections of the ‘blue’ and ‘black’ MTB lanes. The blue and ‘red’ GRAVEL lanes do not cross any lanes

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A greenway is a freeway with a tarmac surface over an old railway line Greenways give you a safe and easy way to cover the miles on the edge of the city The Calder Divide Trail connects the Pennine River in the west with the floodplain in the east via the Spain Valley Greenway and Ossett Tunnel. Each of the five bike lanes takes you to the green lane shown below

There are no signs on the mountains, plateaus and valleys that say ‘Calder Divide Trail’. The CDT’s roads include the Bridgeway, the Sustran Greenway on the edge of the city, open moorland access, curbside access, the Pennine Broadway AC and public roads.

We do not have any corporate sponsors CDT is supported by the time and energy of some volunteers, but funds are still needed to cover expenses All donations received will be used to promote programs including ’12 Valleys, 6 Plains and 1 Floodplain’.

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“Every street has its own history. “It’s not by accident, and every change that happens once has a historical meaning that we can explain today, but often not.”

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