15km To Mph

15km To Mph – This 15mph sign is part of our limited number of posted signs. It is made from the best materials suitable for long-term use. It is highly reflective and made of road materials.

The 15 mph sign is a rare sign to see in the UK, reserved entirely for construction sites and other “off-highway” uses. You may have seen these aluminum signs enforcing a speed limit of 15 mph on a long private drive, shopping center or industrial parks. Common speed limit signs include 10mph and 20mph.

15km To Mph

See Chapter 3 of the TSRGD Guidelines, page 105 et seq., for guidelines on appropriate locations for the installation of this sign.

Reman John Deere Instrument Panel Bif Al159390

When installed correctly, these 15mph signs warn drivers that the speed limit is 15mph. It’s retro and features a black 15 on a white background with a red surround. This combination of colors ensures that there is a difference and the identity is easily recognized.

R2 (RA2) reflectivity makes this brand suitable for use in cars and reflects 32% of light. This is also known as HIP, which stands for High Intensity Prismatic.

The rear channels are anchored and won’t twist when fixed. Plug-ins are available separately and do not come with featured features.

The sign’s support is made of a hard plastic sandwiched between two aluminum strips, making the sign stronger and more durable. Since it is not made of steel, it does not rust and has a longer life.

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Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall

This sign is CE marked and made of road grade materials, it is durable and will stand the test of time.

If you’re not sure if this is the right type of sign for you, or you’d like a hand in choosing the right buttons, call us on +44 (0)1905 794875. We have customer service to help you find the safe shipping products you need.

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