150 Kilometers To Miles Per Hour

150 Kilometers To Miles Per Hour – A new online map resource lets you find driving directions, but you don’t need a pen, a ruler and a paper map.AP

Remember the old song “500 Miles Away From Home”? Think of it as a challenge rather than a laugh and you can come up with some great ideas for a road trip.

150 Kilometers To Miles Per Hour

You can do it the old way, calculating the distance on a paper map with a scale of miles and a ruler. But now there are free online radio tools that show you at a glance the locations within a certain distance.

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Go to the website and scroll down to the “Options” form. Enter your starting city in “Set radius by area name.”

Skip Latitude and Longitude and go to the “Distance Radius” section. Here, the form automatically sets the radius distance to 1,000 miles, but you can reset it by typing the number of miles you’re willing to drive in the “miles” box to the right of the distance box.

Scroll up to see the green circle on the map. Zoom in by grabbing the minus sign on the left and scroll up a few notches to get a detailed look at the cities in your driving range.

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Depending on traffic and road conditions, most people can easily cover 500 miles of daily driving, and starting at that distance can inspire interesting choices. If you’re taking a week off, driving the first and last days to and from your destination is often an acceptable trade-off to save on plane travel.

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Starting with New York as the radius point on the FreeMapTools.com website, you quickly see that trips to Montreal, Toronto, Cleveland and Virginia Beach, Va., are well within a 500 mile radius.

The locations on the edge of the circle may be further from your maximum distance when calculating actual driving routes. A radar device measures distance as the crow flies without considering highways or terrain, so it’s best to check distances with a MapQuest or GoogleMaps distance calculator.

Safely within a 500-mile radius around New York, the actual distance to Toronto is 475 miles; Cleveland, 463 miles; to Montreal, 376 miles; and Virginia Beach, Va., 362 miles. Greenville, NC, appears to be near the edge of the 500-mile circle, and the GoogleMaps distance calculator says the driving distance is over 500 miles, at 522.

Check out a few more spots for great vacation ideas within a 500-mile radius: Baltimore to Myrtle Beach, SC.; Denver to Mount Rushmore; Cleveland to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky; Minneapolis to Kansas City; Tucson to Los Angeles; Atlanta to Orlando; Boise, Idaho, to Portland, Ore.; Helena, Mont., to Salt Lake City.

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If you’re willing to make the seven- to 10-hour drive, the savings on a 500-mile round trip and airfare is huge. For one person, it’s not that much, but a family of four is likely to spend more than $1,000 on a round-trip flight. Air travel is also about more than the price of plane tickets; there is transportation to and from the airport, food and other incidentals, and rental cars upon arrival.

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In contrast, with gas around $2 a gallon, driving 1,000 miles in a car that gets 25 mpg will cost you less than $100. Even counting the tickets, meals and motel nights along the way if you can’t make the trip in one day, it will definitely cost less than plane tickets. If you’re feeling adventurous, head out before breakfast and you can easily cover 400 miles by lunchtime.

Or if you’re willing to leave in the morning and arrive before dinner, you expand your radius to 800 miles and greatly expand your vacation options. My husband and I managed to drive the 840-km trip from New York to Mammoth Cave in one day with two kids (without electronics to keep them entertained), and had a cheap and unforgettable vacation. visiting the national park and nearby areas.

While using a map can increase your list of possible vacation spots, the appeal is partly psychological. Many people are not good at estimating distances, knowing exactly how far something is can make it more achievable.

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Moreover, measuring distances is something of a national pastime. Of course, there are thousands of distance signs that list the distances of other cities, but there are also many examples of long distance signs.

American soldiers stationed overseas sometimes put up handmade signs with deportees in their favorite places and towns thousands of miles away. A sign in downtown Anchorage indicates the distance between Tokyo and Paris. Many small towns in Maine are named after major cities of the world, so there are prominent signs at local intersections showing the names of places like China, Norway, Mexico and Paris just a few miles down the road.

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And when you reach Mount Katahdin in Maine at the northern end of the Appalachian Trail, you’ll encounter a sign that tells you that Springer Mountain, Ga., is only 2,000 miles away at the southern end of the trail. miles away.

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