140miles To Km

140miles To Km – Visit the world’s tallest natural wonder: Niagara Falls! This virtual challenge takes you 226 km (140 mi) from the city of Toronto, along quiet trails and across the bay to the Canada-US border where the majestic Niagara Falls are located. This trip will treat you to a blend of engineering masterpieces and natural beauty in the Ontario Lakes area.

When and where – it’s a virtual challenge. Participate and complete anytime from anywhere in the world.

140miles To Km

How – Set your own time limit and complete the required distance by walking, running, cycling or any distance-based activity of your choice.

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Prizes – Get a fabulous finisher medal delivered to your door with worldwide shipping! You will also receive an e-certificate via email and unlock a digital postcard in the app.

Each medal is crafted with deliberate design and exquisite craftsmanship and comes in a cushioned showcase box. Guaranteed to be unlike any other medal you’ve ever earned.

Unlock new locations on the map as you progress through your challenge. Each new location is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a virtual experience and learn about local landmarks, history, and culture.

Soft and light, with just the right amount of stretch. It is comfortable and enjoyable for both men and women. Choose from a wide range of colors and sizes. Shirts are shipped immediately after registration. (*the shirt is more expensive)

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High-resolution maps, 360° panoramic views, photos and fun facts. Immerse yourself in the journey and learn fun facts about local landmarks, history, and culture.

Connect the Pacer app to your favorite wearables/apps and easily sync your workouts. Not a fan of fancy stuff? Your phone works too!

You don’t have to travel alone! View and compare your performance with other participants using global and friend leaderboards.

After completing each challenge, the participant unlocks a unique badge as well as an e-certificate to print or show off!

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Til That Eighty Mile Beach In Western Australia Is In Fact 140 Miles (230 Km) Long.

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A fun time for cheap. After covid I’m having a hard time finding breeds. So I toured my house a lot and then planned a trip to Niagara Falls to end the trip. If you do the same, there is a large paved road that leads from the Niagara Aquarium to the Falls, Three Sisters Island and the old stone chimney.

I love this challenge I’m not done yet but the metal is beautiful I can’t wait to get the certificate of completion

I love these challenges because you get to try different distances and travel to different countries and visit different landmarks/checkpoints while you learn on the go.

Love the challenge of learning all about the places along the way. Also love how the finger moves through the medal. #Simple thing

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Niagara Falls is in my back yard. While I was doing the challenge, I noticed a few places to visit at the check points. Reading in full

This is my first speed race. They are loving. The views are beautiful, especially when I see places I’ve passed or walked. Love the medal. I will stay within the framework of the challenge until I complete it. Thank you

I love the virtual challenges of fast bowlers. They inspire me to get outside, get some fresh air and walk. The medals are beautiful

Das kleine Boot auf der Medaille ist beweglich. ⛵ Wir hatten viel Spaß auf der Route und haben an den Checkpoints viel neues erfahren.

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Love these challenges, great street views, check points give you great info on where you are in the challenge, medals are top notch, customer service is amazing. I highly recommend these challenges

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I love doing this challenge, because I visited Niagara Falls many years ago! A good medal is a good reminder of a good event from the past!

Niagara Falls seemed very difficult and gave up about 1/2 way. Checkpoints are far apart. Part of what keeps me going is the knowledge of the field I’m in. It’s not a very pretty sight.

I love all the medals I won this year. Currently working in Niagara Falls. I can’t wait to fill my medal!

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Finished!! The main distance I walked with my over 14 year old dog. It took a while but we celebrated every challenge we could do together. Thanks Pacer for the nice medals.

This is my first time using a Pacer, I love it and will be doing more. I like the app, very easy to navigate. Thank you

I grew up on the US side, we often went to the falls to see the area on both sides.. I went to Toronto as a kid. It’s great to learn new things about the place.

This was my first pacer challenge and I loved it. I think the best part for me was that I received my medal, so when I finished my challenge I held my medal and smiled for the camera!

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Take a virtual trip alone or join the fun with your friends and family.

Get access to everything the Pacer app has to offer: a complete fitness and health tracker, guided video workouts, data analysis and more!

You choose when you start the challenge and how long it lasts, so it fits your schedule and fitness level.

You can play any sport you want. Walking, running, cycling, wheelchair or any distance-based activity you like.

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The registration price includes access to the full digital experience for your chosen challenge and a finisher medal. Note that additional taxes may apply for some regions.

You don’t need to upgrade to a Pacer Premium membership because the registration code you purchased unlocks everything you need for the challenge. When you’re prompted with the “Premium Upsell” screen, it’s up to you to skip it or upgrade.

Anywhere! Point of being virtual right? You can join us from anywhere in the world and complete your mission to win a medal.

All types of distance-based exercise count toward the challenge: walking, running, biking, kayaking, wheelchair, or whatever exercise you do. The Pacer app allows you to manually input activities so you can convert any sport into a distance-based activity.

Ducati Rider Jakub Smrz From Czech Republic Cuts A Curve During The 2nd Qualifying Practice Of The Superbike World Championship Race In Brno Some 200 Kilometers (about 140 Miles) East Of Prague,

Never! Speed ​​​​​​Challenges are designed so that everyone can participate at their own schedule and fitness level. You can choose when to start the challenge and how many days to complete it. You can customize the period up to 360 days when you log in.

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Formed by the confluence of the Karasu and Murat rivers in the Armenian highlands, the Euphrates descends through the main ranges of the Taurus Mountains to the Syrian plateau. It then flows through western and central Iraq to join the Tigris River and empties into the Persian Gulf as the Shatt al-Arab. Its basin was anciently heavily irrigated, and many large cities, of which some remain, line its banks.

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