13 Kilometers In Miles

13 Kilometers In Miles – Fibonacci – an infinite sequence in which each subsequent number is the sum of the first two numbers.

The Fibonacci sequence has many applications in real life. One of these applications is to convert kilometers to miles.

13 Kilometers In Miles

Choose any two adjacent numbers from the sequence, such as 8 and 13. Assume the smaller number is in miles and the larger number is in kilometers.

Convert 13 Km To Miles

Let’s take two more consecutive numbers, say 34 and 55 & now convert kilometers to miles.

To calculate the distance of those numbers that are not part of the Fibonacci sequence (ie 9), we can divide the number into two or more Fibonacci sequences.

9 miles = 8 miles + 1 mile (or) 5 miles + 2 miles + 2 miles 8 miles → 13 km 1 mile → 2 km 9 miles = 13 km + 2 km = 15 km (approx.)

The constant value 1.618 is called the golden ratio (φ), which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

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Or we can calculate this golden ratio by using another method of numerical methods, i.e. performing a special operation on every time and at some point the value is converted to three decimal places (3dp).

This is about the gold standard. This is why the Fibonacci sequence is used as the miles to kilometers conversion rate.

Richard A. Dunlap – “It seems that the golden ratio plays an important role in most everything that shows the five-handed equation. It also shows, among the ambiguous numbers, the golden ratio It is the most irrational number, and therefore in mathematics, research algorithms, special work applied to chemicalization, network theory, atomic structure and the growth of some things. Biological organisms.”

People of Numbers – Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano Bogollo (1170-1250), created the Fibonacci sequence, lived in Pisa, Italy. His nickname is “Fibonacci”, which means “Son of Bonacci”. He is also credited with introducing the Indo-Arabic numerals (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) to replace the Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V , ETC) in Europe.

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Every year, mathematicians celebrate Fibonacci day on November 23, because the date is written in mm / dd format (11/23) because there are numbers “1, 1, 2, 3”, of the sequence section.

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Use Git Like an Advanced Engineer Git is a powerful tool that feels good to use once you know how to use it. Satellite images from February 13, 2021, show a 26.4-kilometer (16.4-mile) long oil spill in Hadra, northern Israel, 10 kilometers (6 miles) away.

The environmental group Greenpeace released images from the European Sentinel satellite on Sunday, showing clouds of fire at different distances from the coast of Israel days before a storm that swept away tons of tar on the 160-kilometer (99-mile) stretch of Israel. .

The data show that oil spills or dumping are quite common in the region, as they are all over the world.

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Oil spills can occur anywhere they are drilled, transported, or used, and can be caused by anything from accidents during oil filling, broken pipes, leaking wells, or errors in the drilling process. For example, if the oil starts to solidify, it can also be dumped overboard, although it is illegal.

Greenpeace Israel, in collaboration with the Germans, received images from Sentinel 1, part of the Copernicus program of the European Space Agency. The report concluded that “with regard to the marine environment, [Israeli authorities] have failed to monitor, enforce laws and emergency plans”, a “gross and unexpected failure”.

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A satellite image from February 11 showing an oil spill 44 kilometers (28 miles) off the coast of Israel appears to be the same image that the Ministry of Environmental Protection cited when the evidence was released. the explosion was found “about 50 kilometers” on the same. day . “From the beach.

Sentinel satellite images of 12 locations where pollution occurred over the Mediterranean between February 11-13, 2021. (Greenpeace)

Driving Distances On Mars And The Moon

Satellite image of February 11, 2021, the sea is 21 kilometers (13 miles) long and 44 kilometers (27 miles) from the Mediterranean coast of Israel. The white dots around the green line are ships. (Greenpeace)

The pictures show the erosion of the sea in the south and north of Israel’s coast, which reaches 195 kilometers (121 miles).

It is not clear whether the oil is showing a spread from the south to the north, as the DOC has indicated, or if there is more than one oil spill with multiple causes.

Sentinel satellite images from February 12, 2021 show a 28-kilometer (17-mile) oil spill off the coast of Ashdod in southern Israel. (Greenpeace)

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On February 12, satellites detected three landfalls, two in the southern part of the coast of Israel, one in the northern part of the coast of Israel, three under the coast of Lebanon, and the third southeast of Cyprus.

Air Force drones spotted a new oil spill about 150 kilometers (93 miles) west of Israel’s coast on Saturday, which the Ministry of Environmental Protection said appeared to be moving. south than towards the coast of Israel.

The black dots detected by the satellite show areas of change in the water, which are the characteristics of fatty substances, usually oil.

“These studies show even more the lack of preparation of the state authorities for such an event,” said Greenpeace, accusing the country of ignoring for many years the demands of the groups the environment for Israel to take key steps to address pollution from oil and fossil fuels.

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Such measures should include continuous monitoring of the sea and the assessment of available technological conditions, the deployment of patrol boats and, if necessary, the establishment of physical barriers to contain the spill and prevent it from reaching the beach, add the section.

Jonathan Aikhenbaum, director of Greenpeace Israel, said: “The oil pollution we find today is a stain on the actions of a government that ignores nature and humanity and fails to prepare for a disaster in a low level.”

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He added: “The Middle East basin has become a safe haven for criminals and mismanagement of oil production. Man’s land.

“Without abandoning our dependence on oil, such crises are not a matter of if [they happen], but when and how much.”

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Eichenbaum joined other environmental groups and more than 200 scientists in criticizing an agreement between the Israel-United Arab Emirates consortium and the Israeli government’s Eurasian pipeline to transport Gulf oil to Ella on the special coast of the Red Sea, and transported the old pipe on the ground. at Ashkelon in the Mediterranean, where it was reloaded onto tankers for the European market,

That plan, along with the development of large gas and oil fields in the Mediterranean and oil production near the Dead Sea, is “especially problematic at a time when the sun has become the storage and the cheapest source of electricity,” he added. “So a government needs to invest in a smart future and stop relying on the oil of the past.”

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