12qt To Liters

12qt To Liters – Prepare stocks, soups, pastes and large vegetables with this vigorous 12 qt. Aluminum coated stainless steel pan

A must in any commercial kitchen, this 12 qt stock pot is high in performance at a low price. From making large stocks and soups to boiling clams, this pot will add efficiency to your large kitchen!

12qt To Liters

“Great pot. Works great on our induction unit, no issues with tipping, sticking etc. I’ll definitely buy another – it’s a good size too.”

Wholesale Sterilite Plastic Dishpan 12qt White White

This pot is made of 21-gauge stainless steel, with a heavy-duty, aluminum-clad bottom, so it’s tough enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use and serve as the workhorse of your commercial kitchen. With its robust construction and superior performance in gas, electric and induction ranges, this cookware set is sure to impress.

Thanks to its mm thick aluminum core, this pan distributes heat quickly and evenly across the bottom and sides of the pan to eliminate hot spots.

The versatile design of this cooker means it can be used for induction cooking as well as standard gas and electric hobs.

With a non-reactive stainless steel interior and smooth surface, this cookware is easy to clean, won’t stain and won’t react with acidic foods that can affect the taste of your food.

Amazon.com: Gourmet Edge 12 Quart Stock Pot

The bowl has two stainless steel hook handles that make the bowl easy to lift and carry around the kitchen. In addition, its handles are insulated to ensure a secure connection to the stock and reduce the possibility of collecting bacteria.

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The pot is complete with a flat lid that helps retain moisture and heat during cooking, maximizing flavor and preventing spillage. With an ergonomic handle, this lid fits the pot perfectly for a perfect seal.

Designed to withstand heavy use, Vigor containers are engineered to produce reliable, high-quality products from commercial-grade materials built for long-lasting performance. Each product is built with convenient features and brand quality at affordable prices across the entire line!

The screw handle is milled together with a small piece of metal between the handle and the body of the pan This type of handle is more common on copper and aluminum cookware

Granite Ware 12 Quart/11.3 Liters Stock Pot With Lid

To weld a handle, first melt the metal and then attach it to the body of the pan This creates a strong bond that leaves no space between, so bacteria and other food particles cannot collect and cause sanitation problems. Fry and sauce pan handles are both long-term solutions because they are durable and heat resistant.

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