120 Miles Per Hour In Km

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120 Miles Per Hour In Km

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Most of us don’t own a Bugatti Chiron, a supercar with a top speed of nearly 300 mph. Chances are, the minivan or sedan on your freeway is only going 140 or 160 mph.

But even if you put the floor on the family road, it is unlikely that you will go up more than 100, leaving all the real estate unused for your speed of 120, 140, and (if your car talks about a serious game) mark 160 .

From a design perspective, this makes little sense: Why bother making a size that doesn’t accurately reflect the car’s actual power? It turns out that the answer is a little more complicated.

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Logically, car manufacturers cannot make a new size for every car. Given the cost of doing so, they don’t want to either. So in an effort to streamline the process of making speedometers, many will use the same gauge for their mid-performance vehicles and their top models.

Kilometers Per Hour To Miles Per Hour Conversion (km/h To Mph)

This practice also reflects the need for producers to sell internationally. Cars that often drive on the road without speed limits – say, the German Autobahn – need a bit more room in the trunk if the car’s performance is to be the same as the road for most cars, says Kurt Tesnow, who monitors speed. and general equipment. Motors, told the Associated Press.

Although some manufacturers do not necessarily use the same size for different lines, they are still interested in attracting people’s need for speed.

“People really want to see more numbers,” Fawaz Baltaji, director of business development for Yazaki North America, which supplies large meters to auto companies, told the AP. “This is an indication of a very powerful machine. There is a marketing platform for it.”

In 1974, President Nixon created a national speed limit of 55 mph. (On classic cars, you can still see a red line at 55, for that reason.) In 1979, the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a law banning speeds anywhere above 85 mph. President Reagan changed the rule two years later, and the industry quickly returned to making the 120 at high speed.

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There seem to be psychological benefits to having speedometers far outside the normal driving habits of most drivers, according to Stewart Reed, chair of the Department of Transportation Design at ArtCenter College of Design.

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If the gauge goes up to 80 mph, highway driving will push the needle to the edge, which can cause some anxiety. But if it’s above 140, the line will mostly be fairly straight. It seems to be far from the highest performance of the car, and therefore more safe.

“It could be that speed, in a certain way compared to other things, is a natural place to travel,” Reed told Business Insider. And the rest are numbers.

Of course, if those numbers are too high and drivers start to believe they can handle high speeds, they may be driving recklessly. Suddenly, the used Honda Civic is starting to look like a Bugatti – for better or for worse.

Read The Speedometer And Report The Speed To The Proper Number Of Digits In Miles Per Hour (mph) And

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