12 Ounces Cup

12 Ounces Cup – Looking for the best disposable cup for serving cold drinks? Look no further than our PET cups. Made from durable and transparent polyethylene terephthalate, these lightweight cups offer exceptional clarity that will make your drinks stand out. Break-resistant and easy to use on the go, our PET cups are a safe and practical choice for any occasion. In addition, they can be recycled, which promotes ecological waste management. Choose our PET cups for the perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.

A great addition to your kiosk, concession stand, fast food restaurant or on the go, you can’t go wrong with this Choice plastic cup! Its simple design makes it perfect for a variety of drinks, so you can stack your shelves and never be without this handy disposable cup.

12 Ounces Cup

Made of durable plastic, this cup is leak-proof, so you can confidently serve soda, fountain drinks, smoothies, and more! Without the stress and anxiety of cracked pads, you can reduce customer complaints by providing a long-lasting drink for an enjoyable experience.

Oz. Custom Printed Recyclable Paper Cup

The rolled hem provides a comfortable fit and is more secure when a matching cap (sold separately) is added for on-the-go use.

The crystal clear plastic construction gives the single use drink a premium look and helps increase sales impressions for all your thirst quenching drinks.

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Medium 12 Oz Cup

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