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112km To Miles – 5. You visit Canada and rent a car. Your speedometer says you are going 112 km/h. How fast is that in kilometers per hour? 6. Convert 40 feet/second to meters/minute 731. 52 meters minutes 7. The length of the line below represents the distance of groundwater. flow during the day at a certain point below the Earth. Using a ruler, measure this length in centimeters. Estimate to the nearest mm (one place beyond the decimal point). Write the length in the box below. L = cm I Cm = 10 10 cm = 10 X10= 1100 mm 8. Change the length of the line in question 7 to the nearest inch. Show all work L = 9. If a dam in a river bursts and the water flows down. flowing at 110 ft/sec, how many minutes) will it take the flood to flood a city 27 miles downstream? Remember: rating x time = distance. Stream (volume released in a certain time period) which is 23 e 68 ft / sec. Remember: area x Ve … show again

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112km To Miles

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Anu: . In the diagram below, the blue dots represent the planned risks based on their likelihood and impact. At what risk Otzas is known as “Land of Milk and Potassium”, but the plan for a giant potash mine is proving controversial.

As Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro seeks to authorize mining in indigenous reserves, a dispute with 12,000 members of the Moray indigenous group over a large potash mine in a remote area of ​​the Amazon rainforest could signal trouble ahead, reports Sue. Branford and Thys Borges of Otazas.

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The company that wants to open the mine is Potássio do Brasil, a subsidiary of the Canadian conglomerate Forbes and Manhattan. Potash is an important fertilizer widely used by agricultural businesses.

In 2010 Potasio do Brasil discovered a large potash reserve in the municipal district of Otase, 112km (70 miles) east of Manaus, the capital of the Amazon state. .

Fortunately for mining companies, the potash reserves are located near the Madeira River, a waterway used to transport soybeans from Brazil’s largest soybean state, Mato Grosso, to ports in the Amazon for shipment to China and Europe. .

“Instead of traveling empty back to the Madeira River [to soybean farms in Mato Grosso], as it is now, the barge can run out full of potash,” explained Guilherme Jácome, Project Development Manager at Potasio do Brasil. This will make mine very cost effective.

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Potássio do Brasil quickly obtained permission from the Brazilian mining agency to drill an exploratory well and began exploration in 2013.

But then the indigenous people woke up to what was happening. Speaking next to one of the exploratory wells, located in what Mora claims is ancestral land, Aldinelson Pabao, the leader of the village of Urucurituba, could not hide his anger.

“I am 47 years old,” Mr. Pavao said. “I was born here and grew up here. My parents and grandparents too. So Potasio, who comes from outside, will not say that this land is not ours. This is our land and they are the invaders.”

The company insists it will prevent this salt from washing into aquifers and rivers. But the teachers are still concerned, due to the area’s high rainfall, extreme heat and its location on a flood plain.

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Many teachers are also afraid of the future. “In 20 or 30 years the company will go away,” Mr. Pavao said. “Our children and grandchildren will suffer, because they will find that there are no more animals to hunt.”

The Moras rallied, and represented by Brazil’s Attorney’s Office, reached a court-approved deal with Potasio do Brasil in March 2017.

It halted the project until a “free, prior and informed consultation” was carried out. The rules for such consultations are set by the International Labor Organization’s Indigenous and Tribal Convention, to which Brazil is a signatory.

This is the first time that indigenous communities in Brazil have won the right to conduct such consultations.

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The council started the consultation process in November and members have three options: they can vote “no”, “yes” or give conditional approval, meaning they can agree to the mine continuing, but only after meeting certain conditions.

“The good part is that [the mine] will generate jobs,” said Francisco Oliveira, Tequera village leader. “The bad part is the effect it has on our environment and society, because foreigners can bring disease and prostitution.”

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But a serious doubt hangs over the process: will the government accept the results of the indigenous consultation as binding or simply ignore it?

The land where the company wants to locate the mine is not demarcated as indigenous land, even though teachers claim it is. For Potasio do Brasil, it means that the mine can move forward.

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Mr. Yakum said: “All mines and areas where potash ore will be extracted are outside the indigenous land.”

But Carlos Mars, the former president of Brazil’s indigenous affairs agency Funai, is of the opinion that if any land is permanently inhabited by indigenous groups then it is indigenous.

“Indigenous land is indigenous, whether it is a demarcation or not, and it is after all just an administrative action to mark the border,” explained Mr. Mars.

What seems clear is that if the teachers remove the mines, they will collide with the Bolsonaro administration, which is reportedly preparing legislation to allow large-scale mining on indigenous lands.

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