100 Oz Of Water

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100 Oz Of Water

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Hydration Bladder 3 Liter / 100 Oz.

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Ozarka 100% Natural Spring Water 8 Oz Bottles

Safety Sign: How Much Water Do I Need 10″ x 14″ Dura-Plastic 1/Each – MRST586XTFood & Beverage Safety10″ x 14″ Dura-Plastic 1/Each Material: Made from Dura-Plastic Aquaform’s Dura-Plastic…1 . I drink 20 oz. Before leaving home in the morning. From the moment I wake up until I walk out the door, I make sure my water bottle is empty. I’ll refill it if I get thirsty on my commute, but I usually bring hot decaffeinated tea with me to school.

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2. I try to drink another 20 oz. Before 10:15 sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, but I always finish it before lunch at 12:30.

3. I drink another 20 oz. Before leaving school at 3:45. That’s 60 ounces. Below I fill the bottle before school and…

5. After I get home, I usually drink another bottle or two towards the end of the night. That leaves me at 100-120 oz. for the day.

Deer Park Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, 16.9 Ounce Plastic Bottles (pack Of 12)

Now, I haven’t always been like this, but last spring I got the idea that I needed to make sure I was drinking more water (probably something to clear my skin), so I started doing just that. Let’s start by saying that I eat nothing but water. I drink coffee in the morning, decaffeinated tea throughout the day and occasionally wine or something at night, but other than that it’s just water. No soda or juice or anything. And yes, I go to the bathroom a million times a day, but that’s okay. I made it work with my schedule at school, and to be honest, that meant taking a bathroom break at every break; Something most teachers do anyway.

1. Buy a water bottle of your choice. You will be so impressed with its freshness that you will automatically drink more water.

2. Try to drink 20 ounces (or a full bottle) by 9 a.m. (or before you leave the house in the morning). It will start your day fresher, and even if everything else conspires against you (traffic, deadlines, hunger, bad hair days, etc.), at least you did it.

I am so used to drinking so much water that I don’t know what to do without my water bottle. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s like a security blanket. Do you know how you can get “the hang over”? I think “Thangri” is a real thing too. For example, if I forget a water bottle and for some reason don’t have a spare in my car, I’ll stop and buy a water bottle to fill up for the day. Health guidelines often recommend drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water (or 64 ounces) a day to stay healthy, but Denver Water officials recently took on a bigger challenge: drinking 100 ounces of water a day.

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Just Bottled Spring Water Case

Mary Weiss, senior administrative assistant at Denver Water, has had her favorite water bottle for five years.

The wellness program involves voluntary challenges throughout the year, usually lasting three weeks, that include cutting out fast food, eating more fruits and vegetables, and exercising more. Challenges are selected by Denver Water’s Wellness Committee, which consists of 15 employees who volunteer their time.

About 120 employees typically track their activities and participate in the monthly challenge, said Sandra Miller, Denver Water’s health services manager.

But the mission to drink 100 ounces a day, which began June 4 and ends June 22, has raised some eyebrows because, well, 100 ounces might be a lot of water for some people.

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“We chose 100 ounces as a goal because this year is Denver Water’s 100th anniversary — but it’s only a goal,” Miller said. “The challenge is tracking how people are doing and trying to reach goals.”

“It’s not just drinking from a glass of water. I can count strawberries or other fruits and vegetables as part of water tracking,” she said.

What doesn’t count? Sugary drinks, pop and caffeine. (That means your daily cup of joe doesn’t cut it.)

“It was hard for me to drink 100 ounces a day,” admits Russ Slade, a senior planner at Denver Water who works on water rights issues and volunteers on the health committee.

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Russ Slade, a senior planner at Denver Water who works on water rights issues and volunteers on the organization’s wellness committee.

He typically drinks 64 ounces of water a day, draining the large 32-ounce water bottle he carries twice. He drinks more on days when he rides his bicycle several miles to work.

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But he’s aiming for the goal, which is the larger point of the challenge, Slade said. To do this, he uses a water bottle with measuring marks on it and keeps the bottle so he can see how much he has already drunk and how much is left.

Christine Martinez, IT program manager for customer information systems and member of the wellness committee, keeps water bottles in the car and drinks at a stoplight.

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She is a runner who ran the Colfax Marathon in May and likes to run 5 to 10 miles a day during the week.

Her trick is to set goals for the day, such as drinking a certain amount of water by noon.

“I have to drink a lot of water, otherwise it’s hard for me to run well,” Martinez said.

It can hold 32 ounces of water, has measurement markings on the side, and comes with a straw.

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By the end of the challenge, Weiss said she was logging between 80 and 85 ounces of water per day and getting close to the goal.

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