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100 Mph To Kph

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Car Speedometer Dial Showing 40 60 80 100 Mph Markers Stock Photo

Most of us don’t own a Bugatti Chiron, a supercar that has a top speed of around 300 mph. Chances are the minivan or sedan in your lane is only going 140 or 160 mph.

But even if you take it to the family track, you’re unlikely to get much more than 100, leaving a lot of unused real estate on your 120, 140 and (if your car talks serious game) speed.

From a design perspective, this doesn’t make much sense: why bother with a gauge that doesn’t accurately reflect the car’s true capabilities? It turns out that the answer is a bit more complicated.

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Logistically, automakers cannot create a new scale for every car. Because of the price, they don’t want either. So in an effort to simplify the speedometer manufacturing process, most people will use the same gauges for their mid-performance vehicles as they do for their higher-end models.

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At the same time, practice shows the need of manufacturers for international sales. Cars that drive primarily on roads with no speed limits — say, the German Autobahn — need extra tire space if the car’s performance is to match the road most of the car is on, Kurt says. Tesnow, who heads the speed and equipment kits for General Motors does. told the Associated Press.

Even if some manufacturers don’t necessarily use the same scale in their different ranges, they still have an interest in appealing to people’s pressing needs.

“People really want to see higher numbers,” Fawaz Baltaji, director of business development for Yazaki North America, a major supplier of accelerators to auto companies, told the AP. “It’s a sign of a more powerful engine. It’s there for marketing.”

In 1974, President Nixon established a national speed limit of 55 mph. (In older cars, you can still see a red line at 55, that’s why.) In 1979, the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a rule prohibiting vehicles from going over 85 mph. President Reagan rescinded the rule two years later, and manufacturers quickly returned to the maximum 120 speeds.

Why Your Car’s Speedometer Goes Up To 160 Mph

There appears to be a psychological benefit to having a speedometer far beyond the normal driving habits of most drivers, according to Stuart Reid, chair of the Department of Transportation Design at the ArtCenter College of Design.

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If the gauge hits 80 mph, highway driving will push the gauge to the edge, which can cause some concern. But if it ends at 140, the line will remain mostly vertical on the scale. It will look further from the car’s top performance and therefore safer.

“Maybe the speedometer, in a certain place compared to other things, is a natural position to travel,” Reed told Business Insider. “And the rest are just numbers.”

Of course, if these numbers are so high that drivers begin to believe they can handle high speeds, they may drive more recklessly. Suddenly, a used Honda Civic is starting to look a little more like a Bugatti – for better or for worse.

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