100 Ml To Fl Oz

100 Ml To Fl Oz – The addictive purple blush of the enchanting Lignum Vitae flower, rich in lush petals, lends its bewitching charm to this intoxicating fragrance, which also features juicy mandarins, plumeria blossoms, vanilla crystals, pure vetiver and white musk.

Laurent Le Guernec was born in Paris and spent part of his childhood in Grasse, surrounded by colors, aromas and flavors that helped him appreciate the sensory arts that later influenced his career.

100 Ml To Fl Oz

Laurent studied at the prestigious perfume school ISIPCA in Versailles. He worked for Laboratoire Monique Remy, a renowned manufacturer of natural products in Grasse, and later studied with legendary perfumers Pierre Bourdon and Jean-Claude Ellena, furthering his reputation and skills as a master of remarkable scents.

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Laurent’s unique style is characterized by his knowledge of classic French perfumery mixed with a passionate appreciation for contemporary aesthetics. “Creating fragrances was emotional for me – it was like being taken on holiday to these amazing places,” said Laurent. “Inspired by local flowers, I searched for the soul in each flower and was able to rely on their scents, colors and textures to create beautiful scents that transport you to exotic places and make the experience real and unforgettable. “

Laurent has won an astonishing ten FiFi Awards, the most prestigious honor in the fragrance industry. He has received much acclaim for his Michael Kors creation, Michael, and has best-selling fragrances for Calvin Klein, Clinique, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Elizabeth Arden, Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, created, MAC, Christian LaCroix and Fergie. His portfolio of niche fragrances is also constantly growing – with modern, fresh blends Derek Lam, Bond No. 9 and Lab on Fire. Laurent is the senior perfumer of International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF). L’INSOUMIS rediscovers the most masculine family of fragrances: timeless and refined Fougere, which combines aromatic freshness with the subtle strength of Ambery Woods. For the charismatic, elegant, authentic and modern adventurer who doesn’t follow trends: he creates them.

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This list of ingredients that make up the products may change over time. Before using the product, please read the list of ingredients on the packaging to make sure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

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Like the artist, L’INSOUMIS (“maverick” in English) is independent and confident, unconventional and pioneering: the modern adventurer.

Rediscover the most masculine fragrance family: Fougeres, which combines aromatic freshness and the subtle strength of Ambery Woods. Basil announces the confident personality of L’INSOUMISE in the top notes. In the drydown, the streamlined patchouli heart suddenly reveals a rounded softness, enhanced by the woody energy of Vetyver.

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