Do-It-Yourself Car Wash And Detail Kits Online

How much do you spend at the car wash each year? Here in the Northeast where road salt eats car finishes for breakfast, it’s not unusual to spend $50 or more a month protecting your car from damage. Why throw money down the drain at the local car wash when you can do it yourself at home – and get the satisfaction of a job well done.

Wait for about 2-3 minutes, use a moist hand towel; wad it up and clinch it in your fist and rub like the dickens. For the floor boards, I recommend doing the same thing with a little more water and a carpet brush.

When it rains, there are no fine automobiles to clean. Their regular customers are not interested and rejection sets in. There is no freedom when you are broke; they can’t afford to buy gas. They can’t act like big shots when they have to borrow money from their friends to buy gas. Their friends get tired of always buying them beer when they go out. It gets old quick and their friends stop calling. These are some of the reasons for turn over rates in the business. There is plenty of work with 1.7 cars for every man, woman and child in America, but once it starts raining there are few takers. The strong survive and the rest take a dive. Think about seasonality in your business, do you have a plan?

We are the only franchise in the history of the World to make this an issue in our franchise agreement, but we should not be the last, join us now in setting things right. We mean it when we Mobile Auto Detailing say we believe in the highest standards of conduct and respect for the communities we service. Of course this able bodied competitor in front of Wal-Mart had no “Handicap Placard” on his tow vehicle. We therefore asked him to kindly move his vehicle and park somewhere else. He gave us a really dirty look and then he did.

But it is not so easy on a completely mobile basis. Once you get under about 12 degrees you are pretty much a portable ice storm maker? So this makes it very hard to detail in such situations. And you do have a number of days under 12 degrees in Wisconsin. It is doable, but it is not easy.

Next is to enhance the look and shine of the car and protect the car surface is waxing. The car wax is available in liquid, cream and even thick paste like textures. Many waxes also contain UV protection for longer paint life. The waxing not only provides gloss and depth but also protects our car from other elements such as sunlight. Normally, hand waxing techniques is recommended because it is safer to the car surface and easy to do.

Well, there is one product I can recommend produced by a small company called Matrix System Automotive, which makes paint specialty type products, called; Salt Eraser. It’s a solution which is easy to use and really doesn’t require much scrubbing, best of all it works. Before retirement I ran a Franchising Company which sold mobile auto-detailing systems – and I know some of our franchisees had spoken highly of it.

Read as much as you can and then go buy some auto detailing industry books, if you find yourself truly interested? You can find books on auto-detailing on Google. You should read at least 2-3 Auto detailing books before you take the plunge into your business, be book smart about auto detailing you will be glad you played it by the book. Think on this.

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